Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Life Week 1 + a glimpse into my thoughts for 2014

Hello 2014. How happy I am to see you.

Welcome to week 1.

Along with sharing my week 1, I am also going to go briefly into my process this year. What I am doing,using, ect.

From seeing what others have done, and also in my own album I have come up with a plan. A plan of what my style is, what my favorite look is. And for now I am very happy with that. It has worked well for week 1. ** Nothing crazy, or much different from what I have been doing. **

Before I start with the fun photos I wanted to say what supplies I picked out for this year.
#1. My main Core Kit is going to be the Jade Kit. I had a hard time deciding, but when I saw all the cool graphic designs I knew that this was the one for me. I love it.
#2. I also picked up the Teen Themed Pack for now. Will probably pick up a few more.
#3. Also really want to order the Childhood Mini Kit this year, I think the more girly one is called Mayfield. Kept meaning to do it last year. I would love to add some of those fun cards in from the kids.
#3. The Studio Calico Kit is a must. I love it. I don't need anything other than that, it is jam packed with lots of great goodies.
#4. I will use some of the midnight kit that I purchased last year. 
#5. Last but not least, I will be obviously adding some Simple Stories products in the mix. Can't wait to play with some of those. Tons of fun things to come from them.

Also want to add a note about my font choice this year. In past years I have picked a certain font and used it all throughout my album. I like the look of having all of my text the same. I took some time looking around for a typewriter text. Came up with a favorite, it is called My Underwood. So far I am loving it !!

Here we go.

Here is a look at week 1. Both pages.

The first page close up.

The title page.

In love with enamel dots right now. Can't get enough. I added the week 1 brush and will continue to add them to most if not all of my title cards. 

The first thing I want to talk about is my square photos.  I have decided to keep them square and really loving the look. Right now I like them square, and that way no more cropping corners.

I wanted to add a photo about some of my 2014 I will's . . .  Just like I did last year. You can see it in this post. 

Under the 2014 I added one of the fun lined brushes that I mentioned in my last post about my top 10 brushes.

We started 2014 in Utah, visiting family.

This first journaling card talks about that and I added in some of Ali Edwards 2014 brushes, another one I mentioned in my Top 10 post.

Another square picture. Seriously loving it.

Also want to add some white bordered photos.  Really loving the look this year and want to continue this with my small and 4x6 photos.

Oh I picked up these Chic tags | Happy Place at Hobby Lobby. The colors are a perfect match to the Jade edition. Wanting to see what else they have.

More journaling cards.

The first one is all about Build A Bear. The second one is a photo of all the little cousins building gingerbread houses together.

One night at the grandparents we busted out some games. I used one of the circle brushes that I mentioned in the Top 10 brushes post. I used a digital circle tag, simply changing the color, and printed it out.

A trip to Build a Bear. The kids got gift certificates for Christmas.

First off I made a collage and added a white circle on the photo before printing. Adding letters and embellishments.

The second page. This one is all about the skiers. I loved this iphone photo of the 3 of them that Patrick took. So I made it 4 x8 (cropped it so that it was 2 separate 4x6's) and cut it out to fit into the pockets.

My 2 tiny happy skiers. Patrick took them both out on Thursday while we were in Utah. AKA - the land of the snow. Cause we don't have any fluffy white stuff here. The heart is from the midnight core kit.

More square, white bordered photos. Love ! And a journaling card talking about all their skiing adventures.  The photo of Patrick was taken when he went skiing with his brother on New Years day.

This photo was one that Patrick took while he was out with his brother. They skied down through the trees. Crazy, I am not a skier !!

Added a screen shot of the Simple Stories Design Team announcement on their blog.

There are a few more things that I want to try to incorporate into my 2014 album this year. The first one is different page protectors. Try to mix it up a little. We will see how that goes, I might not like it and go straight back to my Design A favorite. We shall see.

Also want to take more meaningful photos. You know what I mean, the ones that have a story to them or help tell the story. I am going to try to be more aware of our everyday lives. So that I can try to capture a glimpse of our schedules, our quirks, our loves, our dislikes, ect.

I have started writing down ideas of things that I want to photograph, include in my album so that way they can make it in my pages.

In the past years I have always added some blank journaling cards ( the plain grid cards from Becky Higgins) into the empty sleeves of upcoming weeks. You don't need to fill them all in but just a few on the right side, that way you can easily slide them in and out. I would use those cards to make notes, write down quotes, jot down photo ideas, ect. Well last year being all crazy and such I didn't do much of that. This year I want to go back and get in the habit of doing that again.  So far so good !! LOL.

Okay I think I need to stop now. Ha Ha !! Thanks for tuning in everybody. And as always, if you have a question or comment please don't hesitate to ask.


Heather Crawford said...

Love your pages so much and how you use digital do you get them so perfectly on your cards? I'm totally lifting the idea of the "week" brushes on my date card..I just printed on a transparency and attached.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures/journaling cards; each one is a little gem. Congrats on the design team!

Mindi said...

Thank you both for your kind comments !! Hugs !

Heather - For most of my cards I use the digital version as a template and then print on the physical product. I will pull up the digital version in photoshop, write my journaling, and print. Sometimes with the cards I don't have a digital copy of I print a test card so I will know where my journaling will go and so I can make space for my embellishments. I made a tutorial a few years back. Maybe I can do another one. Would you interested in that ? Take care.

Anonymous said...

Same question as the others. How do you print on your PL cards. By that I mean, once you've placed your journaling in the digital template, how do you then print on the physical PL cards? Yes Please to a tutorial!

Mindi said...

I did 2 tutorials a few years ago on how I print on journaling cards. And I am sure by now there are a ton more on youtube or blogs around. If I get some time I will look. But here is the link to my tutorial for printing journaling cards.

Here is a video that might help.

It all depends on your printer. Most printers do not allow for smaller papers to be fed through and printed on. Mine can, and that is why I bought it. It is an Epson R1900.

Just like in the tutorial you can put your journaling card onto the sheet of paper that has the template on it and print that way. When I get some time I can put together a tutorial for you ! In the meantime, if you have any questions just let me know. I will be happy to try to help.

MaryAnn said...

Thank you very much for the tutorial links! I truly love your style. I like your hybrid approach to Project Life. Anytime you want to instruct others on the 'how to's' of your Project Life is fine by me. PS: I posted earlier as 'anonymous' on 3 Feb, 2014 at 3:58 pm