Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A look back at our Spring Break

Hello everyone !

Life is slowly getting back to normal around here. 2 weeks ago was Spring Break for us.  We took advantage of our week of freedom from school, sports, ect. and took a Road Trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

We stopped for Chocolate Dipped ice cream cones and also a sit in this BIG rocking chair. It was so fun. This particular rocking chair has been there as long as I can remember. So I have pictures in this chair, and so do my kids.

We made it to Grandmas house safe and sound and got right to work having fun. The kids were outside ALOT. The weather was beautiful for it being April.

They did lots of this. And a lot more exploring the "Forest" as the kids call it.

I was in love with the signs of Spring all over the city. The trees were blossoming with color, flowers were popping out here and there. But the mix of these peach tree(grandpa's peach tree)Spring Buds combined with the Snowy Mountains in the background was my favorite.

I got to go out by myself and do some "Easter shopping" and found myself downtown one afternoon. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab some take out from one of our favorite local places. YUMMY !!

I want to thank my father again for taking the kids one afternoon so that Grandma, a friend of ours, and I could go down to the local scrapbook store and "PLAY". He took them to a local kid friendly place with animals, train rides, ect. I haven't yet got pictures back from him. But it was really nice to sit down with friends and family and scrapbook. I have not done that in a long time. So much fun and will need to do it again when I'm in town. 

I was able to finish up a layout and then get a good start on this one. Which I will share tomorrow !

Being Easter Weekend we heading down to a BIG Easter Celebration. There were egg hunts, face paintings, cow wagon rides, games, the Easter Bunny sightings, and even pony rides.

Easter morning was really great. It was definitely different, being at Grandmas house. The good news was the Easter Bunny found us. Katelyn's basket was in the washer.

The Easter Bunny was kind enough to bring bubbles.

That was our Spring Break.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another Project Life layout !! Also, I am now going to start my tutorial. I'm going to start my week 8 and will walk you through my whole process !! I think I will break it up into 2 parts. That way it will be easier for me.

Have a great day everyone !

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