Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Stories/Perfect Paper Crafting Blog Hop

Hello everyone. I am so excited to be apart of the Simple Stories and Perfect Paper Crafting Blog Hop today over at Simple Stories. Click the link here to check it all out.

Here is my finished layout. I had so much fun using the Simple Stories Travel SN@P Set. So many fun things, stickers, and cards.

I received the Perfect Tears tool and boy was it great. It tore even the tiny journaling cards with ease. Included with the package of 3 tear tools was the water pen. You go over the edge of the paper with the water pen and it is so easy to tear the paper. Loved it ! Click here to check out all their cool tools. They also have matting tools.

Here is what the tool looks like along side some of my supplies.

The first page. This layout was all about our weekend getaway to San Pedro.

Once I saw the hotel stationary I knew that I had to get a picture of it for my title card. Yes, call me crazy !! I added the title and the date in photoshop and added the rest of embellishments.

Patrick was working down in San Pedro and so we went with him for the weekend. We checked in and settled in to our room. All 5 of us plus 3 stuffed animals of course. (left to right - Pony, Fluffy, and Husky) No, I did not name them.

Journaling card with some torn papers. Love it !

We visited my Brother and Sister-in law while we were down that way. We took a walk to a neighborhood pizzeria.

A fun and very fitting filler card. We got lost a few times over the course of the trip, no thanks to my maps app built in to my phone. Thanks apple !

A numbered recap of a few of the things we did over the weekend. 

This was our view overlooking the marina in our room. Removed the journaling space from this card and put in a photo.

Dinner at an amazing BBQ place called Porky's BBQ. Nom, Nom.

The second page.  This particular page protector was so fun to use. It has a 2x12 strip on the side that I added the 2x2 square pieces to and a few photos. It is part of the Simple Stories Variety Pack.

Just take my word for it, BEWARE of Friday the 13th !! It started with bad luck and kept getting worse !

The other card was fun to put together. Lots of layers and tearing of paper. 

The kids insisted on swimming in the pool, even though it was soooo cold. I watched and relaxed from the lounge chair poolside.

Click. Photo took on our coast drive on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

This card was for my extra journaling that I needed to fit in.

That's a wrap on my Simple Stories Travel layout. Thanks for looking !!


Esther Andrews said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. Your pages are inspiring. Today I have a question though... What do you do to stop that 2x12 strip falling out of your page protector? I have used many of those (the We-R-Memory-Keepers ones) and I'm forever picking up strips off the floor!!

Mindi said...

Esther -
Thanks for your kind comments ! They mean so much.

I feel your concern. I have a few suggestions for you that might help. The first one is to use a mini paperclip to hold it into place with the page protector. I have some tiny ones, but can't remember where I bought them from. I have used this tip before to keep things in. Also I have heard of others using a tiny staple if you don't mind that being seen. You could staple the paper while in the protector to the page protector. A couple of others would be a tiny bit of washi tape on the outside of the protector, also you could try regular tape on the top. That is what I have heard other people use. I hope that helps.

Esther Andrews said...

Thanks! I like the paperclip idea as a stop gap until I decide exactly what I want in those long skinny strips (titles/paper/...).

Shawn said...

So creative as always! Brilliant idea on using the hotel stationary as title/date card!