Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten Layout

Hello everyone !!

Did you hear the great news last night ? It's probably old news by now, right ! Well, the Project Life App is now available. I am super excited. I am planning, and already started, to use it as a PL planner. To house my photos, stories, tidbits, ect. throughout the week. So that they are all in one place. It is going to be fantastic. I can do it in bed, I can do it waiting at the bus stop, I can even do it while watching tv. I downloaded it last night, made three pages and took down notes from last week and this week that I had yet to do. Go check it out, in the App store.

Anyways, who's ready for some sharing.

Noah, my baby boy, went off to Kindergarten this year. I can't even believe it. He was so excited about it.

There were so many fun and great stories just from that one day. It left me inspired. Truly. So I sat down and started making a page all about his first day. Plus, I knew if I didn't at least get these stories written down they be forgotten.

At first it was only going to be one page, but there were so many stories that it ended up being two pages.

Here's a look at both pages.

 The first page. Here is a link to the "Hello" card on this page. I did recolor it. Click here for the free Hello card.

The title card is from the Mayfield kit. I cut a strip of an overlay to add to the left side of the title card and then stapled the chipboard star to the top. It was the perfect touch. I also added some small embellishments over the title and of course the date.

He was really not enthusiastic that mommy wanted to take a zillion pics of him. All he wanted to do was get to the bus stop. The first day of school brush can be found here.

This journaling card was fun to do. I added the brush "grade" from Ali Edwards found here, first and then put the big red K on top.

This vintage looking school boy card was perfect for this layout. It came in my Studio Calico kit.
I added in my journaling about a story that happened that morning.

The second page.

After school I asked all the kids to either write or tell me about their first day of school. I wrote down all that Noah told me and added it to this journaling card. I also saved his star sticker and added it to the journaling card.

Here Noah is patiently waiting for the bus. Actually more like impatiently. Turned out the bus came 20 minutes earlier than we were told and so it never came for us that day.  I added some journaling to the label and added it to the photo.

Created a photo collage of a few shots on the way to the bus stop. I just love this cute little school bus. It is part of Simple Stories Print and Cuts. You can find it in the silhouette store. I resized the image to fit into my circle and printed it out. Then I cut it out and added it to my photo.

Noah was super excited about "Pete the Cat" and talked about it all day long. He came home with a hat that he had made and his "Pete" was on the front of his hat. I later took Pete off of the hat and added it to the journaling card.

Noah came home with this coloring page later that week. I took a photo and made it into a picture to add to him book.

The School Days is also part of the Simple Stories Print and Cuts, available in the Silhouette store. This time I added it to my journaling card like a brush. It was perfect.

The photo is of Noah coming off the bus the first day.

Well that's it for today folks. I hope this might offer up some School inspiration for you.  Now go and get some of those school memories/stories documented. While they are still fresh in your minds.

Have a great day everyone !


Shawn said...

Awesome as usual! You should try out for Ali Edwards digital creative team! You always work magic with your digital stamps. Glad to hear your little guy had a great first day of school! Makes it so much easier on us moms!

Mindi said...

Thanks Shawn !! I haven't heard that she is going to have a digital team. How fun !!