Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Beach Day | Project Life | Color Cast Designs

Happy Thursday everyone !

I am back with another Project Life spread to share with you. This one is all about our adventure on Martin Luther King Day. We decided at 11 am that morning to pack up the car and drive down to the beach. We had such a good time.

Typically I do my spreads weekly with a few events in between. I decided to add in this spread about going to the beach and also a spread about us going to Disneyland the previous week. That left only a handful of regular weekly photos. Instead of trying to add in things, stretch the photos I had, and or take more photos. I combined week 2 and 3 together.

I want to be clear about Project Life. There are no rules. You can do it however you want to. You can add whatever into those wonderful pockets and it will be ok. I am so happy how January is turning out. This year I do not want to stress about my scrapbooking. It is not supposed to stressful. It is supposed to be joyful and creative and fun. So that is what I am making it to be.

Okay let's get to the good stuff. Here is a look at the whole spread.

One other thing I want to point out about this spread is the page protector on the left side. I went with design G this time. It was so fun to take a break from the normal.

I have been wanting to use this card from a Heidi Swapp value kit for a while now. This page was it. I added in the words " beach days"  under the yes to. It was perfect because we did say yes to a beach day. I added a few embellishments on the card and called it done.

When I go about putting my spreads together I like to look through my embellishment stash, well more like baskets, and pull stuff out to use. This star was the perfect color combo and I had the idea to try and add it to a multiple of photos. ** I have a youtube video about how I put this whole spread together if you are interested. **

Link to the video

I added it to the bottom right photo first with my tiny attacher. Then cut the rest off with some scissors. I did the same technique to add it to the other two photos.

I wanted to break up my photos with journaling cards. I have this one down at the bottom that has some journaling on it. I added a few pieces of embellishments to the corner. That black acrylic piece is from Color Cast Designs January set. The day sure was awesome.

On the top part of the page I added in a photo of the fog that we drove thru that morning. Also I added in this filler card. That gold piece is from Studio Calico kit and it was the perfect saying. The beach is my happy place.

Let's move over to the right side.

I took this great photo of noah in the waves that I wanted to make big. Before I printed it out I added a few digital brushes to the top white space in the photo.

We hiked around the sand dunes as well as built sand castles.

I chose to bring in some of this pretty pink/orange color. I added this pinkish card around the photos to try and break up the photos.

This white heart piece is an acrylic from Color Cast Designs. I thought that it would add some interest to add some patterned paper underneath that middle heart. So I found some bluish paper and love how it turned out.

That is a wrap. Thank you all for coming today. I hope that you have perhaps found some inspiration and are able to get scrappy this weekend.

I have a youtube video up on my channel that walks you through how this spread came together. Here is a link to the video.

Beach Day Process Video

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