Monday, January 9, 2017

December Daily 2016 | Day 15 & 16

Welcome back everyone !

I have been working hard behind the scenes on a few crafty projects lately. Sorry If I have been MIA lately. I took a break from my projects today and finished Days 15 and 16 in my December Daily album. Let's get to it shall we.

Day 15 | Harry and Lucy the elves (left side)

The kids woke up to the elves and some friends having Reindeer lessons. I took a photo of them from up on the staircase and love the perspective. I printed out a 6x8 photo and added the white number stickers. The acrylic piece is from Color Cast Designs and says SO Cheeky. It's from her Elf set and it's so cute ! The last thing I added was that gold star.

Honestly I plan on being super simple with the rest of my album. I want to wrap it up so I can move on. Would I love to spend hours and hours making a fabulous last part of my album ? Yes of course but I'm going to let it go and move on.

Day 16 | Katelyn's band concert.

I saved her program and punched holes in it so I could add it in the album. Once it was in there I added a few embellishments and the number 16 on the front. 

Here is what the other side looks like. 

The journaling card here is from the main DD kit and I added a green word sticker under the falala. I felt that the card could use some gold somewhere so I added a strip of washi on the bottom. There was a hint of gold hue coming from the photos and thought that the gold would help tie it all together.

This photo on the bottom is of all of the kids on stage. I wanted to find a way of point or highlighting where Katelyn was in the photo. I added that white geotag above where she was and then added the red letter K next to it.

That is a wrap for days 15 and 16. I am still loving this project so very much and can't wait to finish it up.

I am uploading a process video right now to youtube that walks you through how I put these pages together. Take a look if your interest. Here is a link to my channel

Thanks everyone !

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