Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project Life Week 1

Hello everyone !

Even though I am not finished with my 2016 album I have decided to move on to 2017. Yay !! I can't wait to work on it some more.

Typically I have skipped right over the title page for my Project Life albums. Not this year though, I was so inspired by everyone's pages that I wanted to make my own. So I got busy and kept it simple.

Let's take a look at my title page.

As I mentioned above, I kept it simple and went with a color scheme that I loved. This awesome acrylic piece was available from Color Cast Designs. I believe that she is out of stock already but you never know. You can check out her shop at Color Cast

I felt like this card needed some color so that you could see the 2017 better. I traced the O and cut out some patterned paper to go underneath.

Let's move on to my week 1 shall we. Here is what the whole thing looks like.

Looking back over it now I can see how the left side is more busy/heavy than the right side is. I think I got all excited to do some PL that I put to many things on with some busy photos. Anywhos, maybe I'm just crazy. In the end I am happy with my first week. I told some great stories and documented some fun times in our lives.

Let's start with the title card. I really love these white rubber pieces that come in my Studio Calico kits every month. This time I decided to cut off most of the word and only use the JAN. I used that gold star and a scrap piece of patterned paper underneath the rubber piece. After I had everything on the title card I added that small pink heart for a tiny bit of color.

I am not quite sure what was happening with my printer on a few of these cards but I am going with it and not worrying about it at all. This first journaling card talks about the kids Promise Pets and how they held a training academy with them for a few days. I added a few P's for Promise Pets and a few simple embellishments. The photo next to is of my mom's rouladen that she made us. It was soooo good. I added that circle piece with a stamped heart on it as well as that cork piece.

This week my parents were here for a visit. While we were out shopping I snapped a selfie in front of a mirror at Hobby Lobby. The next card holds another acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs. I added a strip of washi underneath the piece for a pop of color.

This photo is one that I took while the kids were playing PP Training Academy. I added a stamp along my wood wall in the photo as well as a few embellishments on the other side. Isn't that cute little dog paw cute ! That is another piece from Color Cast Designs. They come in a 4 pack and they are still available.  I think they are soooooo cute !

Let's move on the right side. That photo of Noah is of him making " weapons" for their home they made at the park.

This right side has kind of a dark side. I tried to balance it out as best I could but in the end I was happy with it. These photos are from our adventures at the park. We originally went to get some photos of Maddie for a project I needed them for. Afterwards the kids ended up playing along the river and built a house.  I am not sure why the colors are so off in these photos of my pages but oh well.

This photo is of a story that I have been meaning to tell for a while now. I have been thinking about what kind of things I want in my 2017 album. These types of things are exactly what I want to fill my album with. The story is small but meaningful. I stamped The Story onto some cardstock and added it onto the top of my journaling.

Here is the last part of my right side that I want to share. I created a filler card with that cute green tree and that work/play banner. The other card talks about some stories at the park. The card is from a Ali Edwards story kit and I thought it was great that it said the best part and the worst part.

That is it for me today. Thank you all soooo much for coming over to the blog today. I am so happy to have such a great start on my 2017 album.

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