Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Daily Day 14

Hello everyone and welcome to another December Daily blog post.

Today I am going to be sharing Day 14. This particular day was spent in Disneyland !!
I have never been at Christmas time and was looking forward to this day.

Let's get to it then. I ended up creating a few extra pages to accommodate the extra photos that I had. Most of the photos I have are of the decorations around Disneyland. The kids were boycotting photos of them so I didn't want to push it and end up having a bad day.  I was just as happy to click some photos of the trees and other decor that was around. I also wanted to be IN the moment more and not worry about documenting every moment of the day.

All throughout the park they had these gorgeous Christmas trees all decorated. I included this 3x8 photo of one of the trees. I could have left the photo plain but instead I added the number 14 and a few embellishments.

On the left side of this first page I included a few photos and this filler card.

I traced this chipboard Mickey Ears piece that I have onto some card stock and cut it out. I wasn't happy with all the white on the card and so I added the Mickey ears onto this card from the Everyday Collection from BH.

Here is what the other side looks like.

I had lots of photos from our Disney Adventure so I added some onto the back of the 3x8 photo. I added this embellishment cluster along with some gold corner stickers.

This next page has a photo of Maddie looking at the map of the Redwood Forest. They had set up some Christmas Elf activities for the kids to do, it was so fun ! Santa was even there but the line was so long that we did not want to wait to see him. I included a simple journaling card with the word Disney on the top and the black and white Mickey ears.

The Castle you guys, was oh so very pretty ! They had it all decorated for winter with snow and sparkles, and wreaths, and icicles, and and. Oh you get the idea.

Here is a look at the last spread for day 14. This one is kind of a jumble of things. Not sure what it is but it will work.

I added in that red sprit of the season card from Ali's main kit and I love it. The other side has a photo of Cars Land and the Christmas parade.

This bottom pocket is a journaling card. I used the Joy Is card from the main kit and added some embellishments to the bottom.

The last page is a large 6x8 photo of the castle at night. It was stunning !! I added the white chipboard 14 on the bottom along with some washi tape and some embellishments.

That is it for Day 14. Thank you all so much for coming. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for a process video of it all. Here is the link.

December Daily Day 14 Process Video.

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