Friday, January 13, 2017

Project Life 2016 | Week 10

Hello everyone !

Welcome to 2017 everybody. I have been in my scrap room all morning today. Working on this and that, looking through my 2016 albums. I wanted to pop in today and share a Project Life Spread that I haven't shared yet.

This was back in March. Week 10 to be in fact.

This week was one of my favorites. Not in the fact that there are amazing photos, or the best looking. But in the fact that I documented lots of wonderful stories about our lives at that exact moment. Its so hard to explain but bear with me.

*** Disclaimer. Soooo long story short. These photos of my pages are so not the best. I pulled this week out of the album and left them in the pockets. It is currently raining here. But I wanted to see if I can share this week quickly with you today. ******* So please forgive me.

This week was Spring Break. We had all these plans for fun activities that we didn't get to do. I was seriously on the couch, with a rag on my forehead the entire time. UHHHH.

This first journaling card talks about how I find the kids stuffed animals all over the house, all the time.

Since we live in such an agricultural area it is not uncommon to see a tractor at least once a day. I have always loved tractors from my horse riding/working on the farm days. So I snapped a photo from the car of the farmer working on his tractor. I added in my story on the above journaling card with a hashtag #secretlywanttoownatractor. Yep. Call me crazy.

That left photo of the car stereo is on of my favorites. I took the photo while we were driving to the movies on Saturday knowing that it would be perfect to add my little story to it. As soon as we get into the car Katelyn requests for me to turn the music up and turn it to #2 preset station.

As you can see, I included lots of words this week. I love it. Lots of stories that were on my mind at the time that I wanted to document.

The top right photo is of the kids's stuffed animals that they had left before school.

Journaling cards. More stories. Love.

More stories and a picture of my PHO bowl.

This bottom photo was one that I had wanted to take for some time now and I was so happy that I was able to capture it. It is kind of hard to see but it says Saturday Chores. Typically Saturday mornings are spent cleaning the house. We line up all the chairs in the family room so that we can mop the floor and music is always playing on the tv. After the whole house is clean is my favorite.

Alright everyone. That is a look at my week 10. I hope to share more Project Life spreads here in the near future. Oh yeah and get working on my 2017 album.

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