Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Life 4

Week 4 | January 23 - January 29

So far I have been able to keep up with this year and it makes me very happy. I am still working on last year too, at the same time. And will share those when I get them done.

This week I am so happy with. It is completely my style. A little paper, a little stickers, a little digital all thrown in together. One big happy family.



These are Patrick's work boots. They have made a permanent home by the front door this week because he is out on location. Lots of dust, a constant reminder.

The arrow I made using the arrow in the  Clementine extra digital elements. I put it onto my photo and re-sized it to fit where I wanted it. I then pulled up the Clementine digital paper pack and masked in the arrow. Printed it out, cut it out, and then glued it onto the picture. Of course you can just do it digitally as well. I like the dimensional look.

These are the Littlest Pet Shops that Katelyn earned this week. Story told on the journaling cards. 

Word Art is from the Cobalt digital extra elements set. Changed the colors of the words to match the Clementine kit.

I am thankful every day for this truck. Since we are still down to one car I am so grateful that Patrick has access to this truck to get to and from work.

The overlay is a freebie from here. The word THIS is from Ali Edwards This One Brushes and Stamps


Embracing the Everyday Brushes And Stamps. Cut a strip from a filler card and then cut the Monday Banner from the free journaling card here. Be sure you look closely and click on her updated download for these cards.

Sticker from October Afternoon Farmhouse. The numbers are from the core kit.

I had a longer story that I wanted to include about Katelyn. I wanted to be able to read it and not put it on a foldable journaling card. So I used two cards and just kept going from the first card to the next. I used the scalloped circle embellishment to tie the two cards together. Also I used the title to tie the two them together as well. Butterfly is from October Afternoon. Letter stickers are from October Afternoon. The grey/black letters are from my stash.

Also cut the grey strip from on of the journaling card from the core kit and added to the plain grid journaling card.

 I had one insert this week. The first page is one of those photo sheets from Chuck E. Cheese. I took the kids there on Saturday morning. I think this was my favorite part about taking the kids there, other than seeing them so happy. It was really hard to hold Noah and have him hold still while positioning us both in the 5 seconds that they give you.

Here is a look at it in the album. The size was 6x8.5. So I took a 8.5 x 11 page protector and cut some of the top and then stitched up the side. 


This insert is about our fun weekend. The ONE LITTLE WEEK is a freebie from Ali Edwards. Click here to download. This one is all digital. The paper is from the Clementine Paper pack. The original was almost too much for what I wanted so I used the opacity tool and toned it down and it worked out perfect. Added the END to the work week to make weekend. Added my photos from the weekend : Noah at Chuck E. Cheese. Maddie and me at Golden Corral. She was so excited that they had Cotton Candy there. Katelyn at Chuck E Cheese. The THIS IS THE STORY brush is from the Colbalt digital extra elements.



This is what happens when you leave the office door open and all of your scrapbook supplies out on the table. Noah was so proud of his ink pad handwork. Me not so impressed !! This was a design team assignment. Oh well, it turned out better that I had redo it anyways.

Everyday Sentiments Strips Brushes and Stamps. Cut some of the strip off to fit better with what I was trying to say. Also changed the color to match the Clementine kit.

Going shopping with a preschooler and a toddler is very hard. I dread it and sometimes put it off for days and days.

Documented sticker from JillyBean Soup. Becky Higgins date stamp.

Little Bit Of Messy Photo Brushes And Stamps

Another photo from Chuck E Cheese. This one does not have Noah in it because he was throwing a tantrum on the floor because he didn't get to put the token in !! Oh well, I love it.

Cut the border off and then put it on one of the filler 4x6 cards from the kit. Stamps is from Jenni Bowlin.  You can find them here. Just got them and LOVE THEM. Can't wait to use them more. Stitched down the side.


Katelyn and her missing two teeth and messy hair.

Used a filler card from the core kit. Added a scalloped edge on the bottom and then added the little heart on the bottom.

Another filler card. The doilie  is  from Little Yellow Bicycle. The butterfly and banner are from October Afternoon Farmhouse edition.

The two painters.

The letters are from October Afternoon. Made a collage in photoshop.

The circle sticker is from October Afternoon. The letters sticker are from American Crafts Thickers. Stamped the star onto the card. It is from My Minds Eye Happy Days sticker set.

That is it for week 4. Had so much fun this week.  How is everyone's albums coming ?


libbywilko said...

Another great week from you! I'm loving your pages.. I'm totally behind finally decided to go digital and then have inserts with memorabilia. Thanks for sharing your album.

Sammie said...

I love how you use your core kit and make it so unique! I havent been using my core kit at all, but I paid for and WANT to use it, you inspired me!

Mindi said...

I always love great comments so Thank you both !! And it is ok to go digital. I might dabble in here soon too, for something different. Seeing lots of fun digital pages out there.

I love the core kit, I love using it. I love the colors. And it is just a starting point for me and that is always what I need. I always need something to start with and then I can get crafty. So USE that core kit !! It's so much fun.

Jacki said...

I love your pages and wish I could just hand my pictures over to you and have you do my PL for me lol. I need to learn how to use digital brushes because I really love that touch, as well as all your embellishments. Very creative use of the two cards side by side for the journaling.

toni from said...

Another great layout. I especially like how you made the two LPS journaling cards cohesive. What a great idea. So sorry about your stamped scrapbook layout, been there. oh have I been there.

Thanks for sharing again!


Kimmy said...

I must say your blog has been most helpful to me... im frustrated with my creative process right now for project life and I've already found so much of your content helpful... I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you.... ~ kimmy

Mindi said...

Kimmy - HUGS !! Thank you so much for that kind comment. You are so sweet !! I means a lot to me.

Nicole said...

Mindi, I'm new to your blog and just wanted to tell you how much I love your Project Life layouts! Beautiful photos + little bits. It's so awesome! Now I need to go check out your past weeks. :)

Mindi said...

Nicole - Thank you so much !! I like to read your blog, keep up the good work. Thanks for looking !!