Sunday, February 19, 2012

Katelyn turns 7

I can't believe that she is 7.  I mean really ? The time has gone by so fast and she is growing up. We celebrated Katelyn's birthday with a great birthday party. She invited some friends from church, and from school. They all had a great time.

She wanted to have a My Little Pony themed party so that is what I did. I think it turned out great.

The decorations. I printed up some big ponies and hung them on a string. Also had the same ribbon strung all around the house along with some pony themed crepe paper. Also a Happy birthday pony banner.

Put ponies all over to decorate, because we so many of them !!!

The girls each got a little ceramic pony to paint

All the My Little Ponies have Cutie Marks, to show what they like or what they are good at. I let the girls pick which pony cutie mark they wanted and then I painted it on their cheeks, or cheeks. Some wanted one cutie mark and some wanted two ! This was a HUGE hit !!

Here is Katelyn's fluttershy cutie mark. Sorry for the dark picture, no time to edit today.

We played some games like pass the pony, just like hot potatoe. And we had a scavenger hunt for a lost pony, and we also played find the pony. I hid the ponies in the family room and the girls had to come find them.

Then we did presents and following that was the cake.

All Katelyn wanted on her cake was Pinkie Pie the pony. Because she makes cakes, was her reasoning. So I put Pink Pie on, the number seven, and Pinkie Pies oven and her cake. Nothing fancy but all the girls loved it. 

Here is Katelyn blowing out her candle.

Everything turned out great, and for that I was grateful.

Happy Birthday my sweetheart,

love mommy

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