Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day In The Life

When Ali Edwards announced that she was going to do a "A DAY IN THE LIFE " I thought that it would be fun. I've done the Week In The Life, but never A Day In The Life. So I woke up yesterday and played right along. Did anyone else participate ? Click here to learn more .

I took a lot of photos, took some journaling, and had a very typical, chaos filled day. I can't wait to do something with the photos and put them in my PL album.

Here are some of my favorites :

***Disclaimer - Photos were not edited *** 

8:45 am - Everyone wants to sit with daddy on the couch

Mixed cereal is the norm around here

 Maddie took this one

The current state of Noah's floor

Blue eyes

Noah ran into the house and came back looking like this

This is the look of the Wii comma

More Wii playing

Go out of the shower and yelled in to Maddie. "What is Noah doing ?" "He is dumping water on the floor and I'm trying to clean it up." Came out to this site, with Maddie trying to clean it up with Toilet Paper bless her little heart. She had gone through all the kitchen towels, the paper towels and resorted to toilet paper. OH MY !!

10:30 am - Park Day is Wednesday with some of our Church friends. Weather is just gorgeous.

Katelyn is home. They are studying George Washington in school

Folding the towels that were used to clean up the previous river in the kitchen

Patrick at work on the BIG truck. He is such a good sport. I asked him to see if he could get a picture for me and I got this great one !!

The girls were playing with the bows

Playing cars

Daddy's home

When there is a daddy, there is usually Dr. Pepper close by. Noah is obsessed with it.

Tub time. Noah usually goes first. Apparently I didn't hide the bubble bath good enough because he found them and dumped out the whole bottle. We had bubbles everywhere !! It really smelled good though, it was peppermint.

A few minutes later Noah decided that he didn't have enough cars in the tub with him. He went into his room and dumped ALL of his cars out in the tub !!

That was my yesterday. I love what I captured. With that said, I have to run. Got a busy week next week to get ready for. Valentine's day, a birthday party and much more.

P.S. I've got Week 5 done and will share tomorrow.

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