Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week In The Life Tuesday

Day 2 and still going strong. Here are some of my favorite moments from yesterday.

Another food love in our household is toast. And it can't be just any toast, it has to be toast with only butter. According to Maddie !! Love it !! I guess you have to be here to see the whole cuteness in the phrase !  So we had toast with only butter as part of our breakfast this morning.

Tuesday means preschool day. Maddie loves it and begs and begs to do "PRESCHOOL" !! We color, we learn, we glue, we play, we read, and we discover new things. We are learning about apples.

Maddie and her letter A and her apples that she glued on her A.  She was very proud.

9 : 30 and Noah has the trains out already

Maddie and Noah playing My little Ponies 

Noah likes to be the big boy monster and knock down toys of his sisters and so this is from time out #2

A little Mario Cart Wii this afternoon.

Time for snack time. Cereal is always the snack of choice, but seldom is it given.

Should have known not to give cereal for snack time. You turn your back and you get this !Thank you Noah.

After snack time it was playtime. Katelyn was first the librarian and then the teacher. It was so cute to see her play the teacher.

I am truly blessed to have a husband that likes to cook spagetti from scratch.

There is no better way to end a day than a bike ride with daddy.

That's all for now. Until tomorrow.

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