Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

I know I have been away for a while and I am sorry. LIFE happened this week and I have been trying to stay afloat. I am still working on my Week 6 (Yes, I know that it is week 7). But again, life happened. I am hoping to get some time to work on my week this weekend.

I just wanted to share some pictures from Valentine's Day. Only a few, because I have to play catchup.  I will spare you the details about our Valentine's Day, because it was less than stellar. Crying kids, last minute things for Katelyn's Birthday party. No Hubby at home. Less than cooperative kids. I will stop there.

I did manage to capture a few fun Valentine's Day photos.

Valentine's Day is not complete without candy hearts.

And some LOVE

Some sillyness

And hearts of course.

Candlelight anyone ? Now where is my Valentine ?  (Patrick had to work all day, got home around 8 p.m.)
I made a great Spagetti dinner, garlic bread, and me and the kids ate with the candles.

And last but not least, the flowers.

Tomorrow I want to share a little bit about Katelyn's 7th Birthday and her party. Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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