Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Life Week 5

Week 5 | January 30 - February 5

This week was just a typical one. Nothing special, nothing exciting happening. But I did get to capture some fun things.


Woke up Monday morning to Patrick making lemonade. A little typo on this one. Oh well, I'm human !!

Katelyn reading on the couch.

Patrick plays on his ipad a lot. The word play is from Go Outside And Play. 
Evening is from Everyday Life Journaling Prompts Brushes And Stamps .


Attempted to sew the banners on the journaling card. Please do not judge my sewing skills, because they are nonexistent. Scalloped circle from October Afternoon Flower Pack. Orange tag from Jillibean soup. Black letters are Thickers.

Used some of my washi tape. A recent purchase from the scrapbook store. Not sure what brand, they were all in a big bin together.

Used a journaling card from the core kit.  Kraft tag from Maya Road. Game Over stamp from We R Memory Keepers. Number Stamp from My Minds Eye Happy Days set. Letters are Thickers.

My two cutey girls. Bought them sister shirts this week and we went out for a 1 minute photo shoot.


I had a few good pictures from our mini photo shoot that I wanted to blow up. They are both 5x7. Used a 8x8 page protector, cut some of the top off and sewed up the side.

Journaling card from the core kit. Doilie  from Martha Stewart. The word you is from a freebie found here . Just cut out the word you and erased the lines. Stitched along the edge.

The word sister is from Family Hand Drawn Words.


Katelyn reading again

Used the tag from the Clementine digital extra elements. Letter stickers October Afternoon.

This picture is off Noah grabbing me by the hand and needing/wanting something. Happens all day and wanted to capture this.

Everday Journaling Prompts Brushes And Stamp. 
Moved it around to fit my space that I wanted it in. Love doing this. 

It might seem like I have a lot of pictures of Patrick's work stuff. But he was taking pictures for his major presentation that will allow him his own work truck, a raise, and field bonuses. So this is a big deal. 

Stiched the arrow on. Used the free template from Paislee Press. GO here to download.


Katelyn and her friend Olivia at the park.

Scallop and Sticker from October Afternoon. Letter stickers are Thickers. The word mommy from Family Hand Drawn Words.

Big snowflake from Little Yellow Bicycle.  This one didn't turn out quite the way it was supposed to. The printer shifted and it printed different from where it was supposed to go, oh well. Looks fine.

The Friday overlay is from Lily Pad. The other overlay is from Lily Pad. Changed the color of the background. Added washy tape and the happy sticker. 

That is it for Week 5 folks. Still loving it and still thinking about getting back to my 2011 album. Probably after all the birthdays, disneyland trip. and such are over I will have some time to get working on 2011. I will get it done, I've got a lot of fun stuff to cover.  Also thinking about wanting to include some of the cool freebies that I have downloaded over the past month or so. There is a lot of great stuff out there right now. Take care until next time.


libbywilko said...

Loving your project life layouts ! Thanks for sharing them.

Unknown said...

another great layout. I also have some 2011 to catch up on. I am thinking next month might be the month, I still have two december books to make later this month (for mom and I.) I finally got all the pictures that others took that I also want to include. Now I just need to print the last half and get crackin.

Unknown said...

I think your layouts are so awesome - so cohesive and illustrative. I'm wondering how you get your AE words so 'thick'. I'm talking about the script words. I have several of them but wheneve I use them on a photo they are too thin and just don't look good. Thanks for any advice!

Mindi said...

Kristin - Thank you for your comments. As far as your question about the words. I know that Ali has some THIN words and some THICK ones. I definitely prefer the thicker ones. The ones I used on this week, except the word mommy are thicker words. The only thing I can think of to make them look better is to use the corner arrow when you are resizing the word to make them bigger or smaller. And try not to use the middle arrow(the one that makes it loner or shorter) to make them longer, that way you don't stretch them and make them thinner. Hope that makes sense.