Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life Week 24/25

Another week is in the books. June 11 - 17.

This week was split up between the start of swimming lessons and a birthday party. I didn't have any other pictures from that week and it was ok. I'm not stressed about it. This project is all about capturing the every day/little moments that we call life. And also the big events that happen. Together they make this such a wonderful and complete tribute to our lives.


THE PICTURES : Journaling talks about how Katelyn wore her new goggles everywhere.  Brush can be found here .  The arrow can be found here.

The kids started swimming lessons this week. Here is Katelyn and her class trying to splash her teacher.

The brush can be found here. The sun is from pixelscrapper. Found on her website. She has a wonderful array of free digital scrapbook goodies. 


LEFT SIDE : Used some of the leftover stickers from last week.
RIGHT SIDE : Cut the photo down and put it on the journaling card. Added washi tape and the sticker from the leftovers from last week. 


The circle sun is from Studio Calico. Stapled (with Tim Holtz tiny attacher) on an old Ghost letter S from Heidi Swapp.

RIGHT SIDE : Picture of Katelyn on the kick board in her class. 

THE SECOND PAGE : This page was all about Noah's Cars birthday.


I used one of the free 4x6 templates by Paislee Press found here. Brush is from here. I left the color of the background white and it turned out great !!

I made all of the party guests a box car to race in our own piston cup. They each had their own license plate and number. I did a blue porshe (Sally car ) for Katelyn. Maddie and another guest wanted pink Sally cars. It took a lot of work but I think they turned out so cute.

We tried to get a picture of all of the kids in their cars and this was the best we got. 

Birthday boy blowing out his candles.


LEFT SIDE: I started off with one of the foldable journaling cards. Spaced out how much room I would need for my journaling in Photoshop. Added my journaling onto white cardstock and printed that out. Then added it onto the journaling card and then cut the foldable journaling card so that it was a single card. The lightning McQueen was a free clipart found online. The white letters are thickers.

RIGHT SIDE: I had taken this instagram on Noah's birthday that week.  I sized the photo to fit onto my journaling card and then printed that out. The birthday boy is from Cathy Z found here.

LEFT SIDE : The arrow is from Studio Calico. The grey letters are from Basic Gray.

RIGHT SIDE: Took a photo of McQueen on the birthday cake. Cut it down and put it on the journaling card. The lightning bolt was found as a free clipart online. Resized it and printed that out. Added the number 95 for Lightnings number. Sorry its so dark.

The next week in my PL album I found that I had taken some photos but not many. So I decided to make an insert and add it into this week so I didn't have to do a whole week. One afternoon Katelyn wanted to take some photos of us. So I let her take the camera and take some pictures. They didn't turn out to well, directly into the sun but I still wanted to include them. I usually don't make an appearance and really should try to get myself in the book more.

I used Becky H. design G and cut the vertical photo part off. Brush is from here. I added the title card to show the dates of the photos. And then added the week in review tag to show that it was a full week.

Here is the other side.

A close up : I love the fact that in our laundry room/mud room there is a coat rack. And lately it has been filled with signs of summer. Googles and swim suits. I wanted to document that and so I used the photo and then journaled on a card.

Here is another close up of one of the photos. I had that family rub on in my stash and then I added some pink letters.

One more photo.  This one was taken with my iphone so its not the best quality. I turned it black and white and I love it !! We had joined the gym that week and we have been over there a lot. This is the outdoor pool.

Brush is from here.

So that is it for week 24 and 25. I tried to go simple as I could (you know me, I like to add stuff) so that I could get it done. But I am happy with the way it turned out.

I'm not sure about anyone else, or if anyone else does the same thing. But lately I have been going through spurts. I will have days and days where I can sit down and create my pages and have it be great and fun. The creative juices are flowing and all is well. Then I hit a wall. Where nothing looks good and it looses its fun factor. Does anyone else experience this ? It is kind of frustrating to me. Because I get on this creative roll and I want to keep going so that I can get some more pages done but it just doesn't seem to go right. That is when I have to take a break and let my album sit for a day sometimes more. And then I am right back to creating again. I have tried different things to get past this, like surfing the web for ideas, checking pintrest for a cute freebie card. And that does help. Wow, look at me just ramble on and on !! I'm sorry. I will stop now. My point to all this was to see if anyone else does this and to let you know that its ok. Moral of the story, take a break. It's good for the soul.

Take care everyone. Until next time.


~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

OMG!... those box cars turned out great!!.. What an original idea.. Love your project Life...

Anonymous said...

I tell myself that when I fall behind the journaling becomes more "reflective" ... and that means more perspecive on the event. Well, it sounds good! lol.

Mindi said...

Thanks for your comments !! I thought the cars turned out cute, thanks for your comments. And yes that is a good way of looking at it, when you get behind. Thoughts and feelings do change from when you are living it to when it was in the past.

libbywilko said...

What a cool cake and I Love the cars you made them, they looked like they all adored them. Love all the blue in your first page too :) I try to keep my notes and photos current so I don't forget what I want to include if and usually when I get behind with my weeks.

MaryRuth said...

I love love love the cars you made! Can I ask how you made them?

My little boy wants to go as Ligthening McQueen for Halloween and I had NO clue how I was going to do it until i saw your post! They're so perfect!!!

I get in a rut all the time... which is why I haven't finished any PL pages since this summer :(

Love your pages... always get so excited when I see a new page in my google reader! :)

Mindi said...

Mary Ruth -

I started out with a U-haul small box and cut the bottom out. Then spray painted it. As far as the other parts. License plate : I found a image of a California license plate and deleted the numbers and then added in his name and number. The lightning strike was found online. The numbers I just did huge numbers in word and then cut them out. The faces were the hard part, but it wasn't that bad. I used the free clipart that I found and just blew it up to the size i need and just cut out the eyes, and mouth from the car using photoshop. The lights I just drew by hand and colored. I hope that helps. If you have any more questions just let me know. Oh and the last thing, I found some flag ribbon at Micheal's and just had the kids hold the box up and I measured how much ribbon they would need to go around their necks.

MaryRuth said...

Mindi... thanks for all the information on how you made the cars! that really really helped!!

Any chance you still have the link where you got the free clipart for the car you used for the eyes and mouth? I've found a couple of images online but nothing is as good as yours.

I have to make mine by Wednesday. Wish me luck! And again, thanks for all your help!! I really appreciate it!!

MaryRuth said...

oh, my email address is CajunFrancks@gmail.com if that's easier to respond to.

thank you!