Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Everyday Moments

I just wanted to write a short post today and make sure you all had a chance to see this video. It was shared on Becky Higgins site and it is WONDERFUL.

It talks about the everyday moments that we share as a family, as a person. And how they are so important. I truly believe that they are the most important part of life. Yes, the BIG things are great and fun and important too. Like birthdays, parties, vacation, and holidays. But it is the everyday that strengthens relationships.

That is why I totally LOVE Project Life and how it has given me a chance to capture those everyday moments, for they are the ones that sometimes get forgotten.  The little snapshots of life, the quotes from the kids, ect.

So I challenge you to watch this video. Then get your kids involved, or maybe your spouse, with the household chores, the laundry, the meal preparing, ect. The EVERYDAY. The relationships that will start to grow will amaze you. It is something that I have tried to get my children involved in. They are getting a little older now and can help me with the everyday stuff. We have conversations that otherwise would have been missed. The best part though is that the house gets clean, the laundry gets folded, and so on.

The second challenge is to leave your camera out and accessible for a few days, if you don't already. You will be able to capture those everyday, spur of the moment, shots that otherwise would have been missed while you were getting your camera. I like to do this every week or so, I just leave my camera out in the kitchen so it is there when I want to snap a picture. 


Here are two photos from yesterday featuring everyday moments

Sometimes I am fortunate to cook dinner by myself. I do enjoy this every once in a while. Patrick and the kids went to the gym and left me alone to get dinner done. When I am alone and cooking dinner I like to pull out my ipad and catch up on my supernatural reruns. So I wanted to get a photo of it. I set it on the counter behind me and set the self timer.

And this one is of us playing phase 10. It was Monday night FHE. Again, set the self timer and we are good to go. We love to play games together. The picture didn't turn out to well, but oh well. You get the idea.

So go out and capture some of those everyday, or otherwise forgotten memories that happen in your life. Your wont regret it.

P.S. Don't forget to watch the video

P.P.S. I am finishing up another week of PL. So hopefully in the next few days I can share that with you !

Have a great rest of the week everybody.

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