Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project Life Week 9

Week 9 was a fun one. It was filled with a rainy day, a lightning storm, cooking lessons, blooming trees, and a birthday !!

I used the "Shine Bright" Daily Diary Kit from NoelMignon.com. It is jam packed with lots of great items and amazing colors.

Monday after school it started raining. The kids found the umbrellas in the garage and went around the circle finding friends that wanted to come play in the rain with them. They had so much fun.

I used a page protector that has 4x4 pockets in the middle and it was a fun change. I plan to add in an insert to separate the two sides. My husband went on my oldest daughters field trip and they took tons of pictures. So I will add that in as a divider. The two pages have a slightly different look to them and although that was not was I was going for, it will work with the insert in the middle.

Here is a photo of the kids "dancing in the rain". The sun was peaking through the clouds but it was really raining, as you can see the white flecks in the photo.

Project Life is so good at allowing me to tell fun, everyday stories. Plus include some fun photos. This was from Wednesday morning. Maddie had stayed home from school and these two came up with the idea to use our bar stools as cars and race ( I mean slowly move around the house). They had to stop at the red lights and then they made me stand at the fridge and I took their lunch order. Like a Drive Thru. It sure was fun.

In the bottom corner I added a photo of Katelyn cooking us dinner one night. The journaling card next to it journals about how I want to teach her how to cook. She cooked us a spagetti meal with me as her guide !

Moving on to the other side of Week 9. This kit has a lot of Simple Stories I AM in it. Which I LOVE ! So I added this gorgeous card (top left) and added a few personal touches to it.

The first 3x4 card is a photo of a lightning bolt from our lightning strike show. It was amazing to watch. All of us had the door open to the back yard and just sat and watched the sky light up and then go CRASH. I added the HERE wood veneer arrow to show you all where to look !! Did it help ?!

The next card was all about Maddie's birthday. She turned eight on Sunday. Yep, she's growing up. I printed some journaling onto vellum and stapled the number 8 to hold everything in place.

The next photo is of Noah catching the bus. It is something that happens every day but it will be fun to see these photos in the future. I added a photo overlay from Simple Stories. And yes, it is gold foiled ! Can i get some more of those please ?!!

Spring is in full force around here. The trees are turning all sorts of beautiful and so I had to capture it. I added an Ali Edwards brush to the photo and finished it off with a heart enamel dot.

I'm sorry it is a short post today. I have things coming up that I need to spend some time on. Have a great rest of the week. I'm hoping to be back soon to share another PL spread.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Send some of that sunshine our way - in Ohio!

Mindi said...

I will see what I can do about the sunshine ! Wink, wink. And Thank You for your comments. I appreciate them.

shawn said...

So pretty! Did you get the Spring photo brush from Designer Digitals??

Mindi said...

Shawn - the word spring is from a brush set called Stories Of Life from Ali Edwards. You can find the brush set on her website. On the brush set this one says spring story but I simple deleted the word story ! I do that ALL the time. I love that I can just use a single word of a brush.

Shawn said...

Thanks Mindi!! Found it!!! I have searched and searched her website and designer digitals for it, but did not see it. Was looking in her spring related kits. lol.

Mindi said...

Oh shoot Shawn !! I feel really bad. Its just my laziness. I will be better about leaving links. But please, don't hesitate to ask okay. Anything, cause I am the same way if I see something and I can't figure out where I can find it. That is the worst. Seriously, any time.

Shawn said...

Oh Mindi no worries at all. Found a couple other things I liked in the process. Lol! Thanks for sharing and as always, your pages are gorgeous.

Mindi said...

Shawn - Well I guess the bright side is that you found some new stuff ! LOL ! Although I wouldn't mind scouring over Ali's stuff like I am sure you did. I did when I bought a whole bunch of stuff when she had her sale !