Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break 2014

Happy Tuesday everyone !!

I wanted to pop in and share some pages I made for the NoelMignon blog.

We just wrapped up our Spring Break 2015 and that got me inspired to get my Spring Break 2014 done. That is exactly what I did, I got a start and made 2 pages.

Here are both pages put together.

I have a lot of photos from this week and the plan is to do 2 spreads. This is the first one. I used Design A for the left side and then I cut apart the right side and made a smaller insert page.

In the Hello Darling kit from NoelMignon.com there is this great 2014 card. I knew that it would be perfect for my title card. I added the spring break in photoshop and then added a few embellishments.

The Spring word is from Ali Edwards. You can find it here.

I took this picture of my parents peach tree in bloom. I was in awe over the beauty, with the snowy mountains in the background. Spring is amazing !

A big part of going to grandmas house is jumping on the tramp. It usually starts the day and ends the day. Plus everywhere in between. So I am glad that I got a picture of this.

Another fun little story is this picture of the kids in the BIG Chevron rocking chair. This chair sits outside a gas station on the way to grandmas house. This chair has been there for a long time, I myself have pictures in this chair. So its been fun to get pictures of my own kids in this chair.

The pic in the chair. Next time I will get a better pic, one of the whole chair.

Here are some close ups of the second page.

Again, another story !! I am just loving all these stories. My dad came home from working out of town and immediately went out with the kids to put the trampoline together. Because he knows that the tramp is soooo important to them and he has such a caring heart.

The journaling card tells the story. And I'm in love with that hello wood veneer. I need more !

The text on my photo is from this brush set. Also from Ali Edwards. I sure took advantage of Ali Edwards 40 percent sale.

A few fun filler cards and a few photos.

My Spring Break 2014 pages are off to a good start. I plan on continuing on and finishing this week.

See you next time everybody !

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