Thursday, April 2, 2015

Project Life Week 8

I know I promised this post yesterday.

But we decided to hit the road for a day of adventuring at the zoo and dinner. We are currently in the middle of Spring Break here. Plus my parents are here for a visit. 

So, here I am sharing my week 8. 

This one has been in the works for EVER it seems. But I sat down the other day and finished it. This week I did for me. I didn't need to use any specific products, ect. It was fun. I used some of my Ali Edwards Story Kit - The AM/PM one. 

Ladies, you all know that I am a huge, HUGE, fan of Ali. Always have been. But I am enjoying these Story Kits so, so much. If you have not checked them out, you should. They are awesome. 

I used the Story Kit to make this AM/PM card.  The story I decided to tell did not have anything to do with am or pm but I love the outcome just the same. 

I paired it with a photo of our ampm mug to complete the story. 

This week I kind of went with the simple approach. *sorry about the bad color quality*, I didn't want to wait until better light* Not going to stress about it. Right ?!!!! 

I added a photo and a journaling quote about Noah and Olaf. A week in review card from paislee press and the other two cards are from Studio Calico. 

Moving on to the second page. 

The weekend card is from the Story kit. I used a different page protector this week. This one has 3x4's and 4x4's in the middle. It was kind of fun ! 

A few fun pics. 

This TODAY card is from the Story Kit as well. I cut the TODAY card in half and put it over my printed journaling card. 

I am so happy to now have week 8 in the books. I am only a few weeks behind for my 2015 Project Life Album. Only because I am saving some for upcoming design team projects. I am working on week 5 now and then moving on week 12 I think it is. 

So far so good. 

Thanks for coming everyone. As always, if you have questions please feel free to ask. 

** Also here is my instagram link ** 

For anyone that is interested. I do post all my scrappy things there along with sneak peaks. 


shawn said...

So great Mindi! Love your am/pm card!! How did you line it up perfectly?

Mindi said...

Thanks Shawn !! I appreciate it ! As far as the card goes here is what I did. Took a little bit of time but it's okay. I made a 4x6 layer in Photoshop, used a digital patterned paper as a guide for my journaling. I measured with a ruler where the lines measured up on the physical card. Then used the digital paper as a guide tilting it to same angle as the card. Then I started my journaling, titling it to match the lines on the card. Once my journaling was done I printed out a test paper, I used a light as a light box to make sure I put my journaling where I needed it. Then I printed on the actual card. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you ever need help. I'm always happy to help or show you how.

Shawn said...

Holy cow Mindi!!! That is quite the process, but the card looks perfect. I "understand" what you did, but I know I would totally not get the same results. Will just handwrite on it. Unless you have plans to be in Chicago, then I will take you up on your offer to show me ;).

Mindi said...

Shawn - I sure wish I could come to Chicago and we could scrap together !! And don't be so sure you can't do it too ! Although I'm sure handwriting it would look great too ! Have fun playing with your Story kit !

Shawn said...

It would be awesome to scrap together!!! Who knows, it could happen one day! ;) Our kids are similar in age, my boys are 9 & 10, so thank you for all the tips and inspiration!!