Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Family Photo Shoot

Every Spring the Almond Groves around our neighborhood bloom like nobody's business.  It is so beautiful to watch.

These pages were part of this months Becky Higgins Creative Team Inspiration on her blog. 

Since moving to California I have taken the kids over several times to get photos in the orchards. This year I really wanted to get some family shots. It took three different tries on three separate days, some bribery, and some close weather watching but we made it happen.

Although the weather conditions were less than ideal, the lighting was bad, the clouds kept coming in and out, I am so happy with the photos that I was able to get. We even got rained out, leaving us less than 30 minutes in the orchards. Oh well. Here is to better planning next year.

This is the left side of my spread. I made a fun and simple title card. The card and the geotag are from the new Becky Higgins Embossed Value Kit.

Have you all noticed that gold is EVERYWHERE right now. I am usually not a huge gold fan but it's really growing on me. I sprinkled a little gold here and there throughout my pages.

The love you below the photo of all of us is actually a gold foiled photo overlay. There is also gold in the arrow that is on the journaling card.

I hate to admit this but these pages took me a little bit longer to put together than I would have liked. But I am totally not complaining. In the beginning I think I had too many photos. Since they all look alike, sort of anyways, with all the green and white from the trees. I decided that I need to break up the photos with something. I moved things around, added in some color, and even broke up the photos with some patterned paper. The end result is something that I am most proud of.

A little bit more gold on the photo overlay in the bottom left corner. Gotta love it baby !

This is the second page, or the right side. More fun photos and of course more gold.

Here is another example of breaking things up. First with the 4 small photos of Noah. I added them to a journaling card from the Jade Edition. Not sure why he looks like a white albino kid here in these photos but oh well. It was probably user error, as I am not a professional photographer ! I have to admit that I am still working on my photography skills. Just this past January I have been working with Manual mode and trying to figure all this stuff out.

Another example of trying something different. This big photo really breaks everything up and it turned out perfect.

Can I just say how hard gold is to photograph ! Yikes, forgive me folks. Also this whole spread was so tricky.

Anyways a few cute filler cards. The first one is from the new Embossed value kit. The second one is from the mix and match value kit. I just love that camera.

This is my journaling card that I told the whole story of how this event came about. For me this part of the story is just as important as the photos are. I used another gold photo overlay as a border around my journaling.

That is all I have to share with you today. Thanks for coming everyone !!


TracieClaiborne said...

And with have retained your spot in my top five list. You are the bomb dot com my friend! Glorious! I love every little tiny thing about it! Where does on aquire the "Becky Higgins Embossed Value Kit." From her site? I love that wood word! Is it in the kit?

Shawn said...

Mind, you nailed it again!!!!! Your spreads are always my favorite. Your photos capture beautiful stories. I agree with you that it can be difficul to put together a spread where all the photos were taken at the same location. I just ran into the same issue last week.

Mindi said...

Tracie - Thank you soooo much for your awesome comments. Whew ! I hope that the pressure doesn't get to me and I can not disappoint you ! LOL. But seriously thank you ! As far as the Embossed kit you can find that in the Becky Higgins Shop on her website. They might even come to Micheals or HB, you never know. The wood word is not part of the kit. It is from Freckled fawn. I hope that helps. And as always if you have questions just ask ! :)

Mindi said...

Shawn - You seriously are the sweetest thing ever !! Thank you for your great comments. I always, always appreciate them. I am so grateful for all of my many internet supporters and "friends" I have made over the years.