Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Project Life Week 6 | Kellie Stamps

Happy Tuesday everybody !

I am  happy to be here with you today and I want to share with you my Project Life Week 6. I created this week with the help of the April release of Kellie Stamps. I am still loving the ease of using digital stamps for embellishing.

I used a combination of both of the Kellie Stamps releases for this week. RAD and COFFEE.

The color scheme pretty much set itself this week. I love when that happens don't you ?!!

This title card is from the BH everyday collection. I needed to tie in some pink on this left side so I used those pink letters and left the rest of it plain.

This particular week was when the announcement of the Kellie Creative Team came out and that I had made it. I added the team badge to this journaling card from Ali Edwards Story Kit.

I added the digital brush from the COFFEE set to this photo of the girls. The girls were busy this week selling Girl Scout Cookies in the neighborhood.

This week on Monday the kids didn't have school. We were invited to go out to the stables and ride her horse. We all took a turn and it was so fun to be back in the saddle again.

I wanted to talk a bit about us picking up and getting to sell Girl Scout Cookies. It was the girls first year as Girl Scouts and they are really loving it.

I set some of the cookie boxes down and took a photo. I wanted to leave lots of white space so that I could journal on the photo.

Sometimes when I am taking photos to add to my PL album I have an idea in my head on how I am going to use the photo. For instance this one, I knew I wanted to add big letters and some journaling. Other photos I like to leave lots of white space to be able to embellish and add journaling. It is always something I try and keep in the back of my mind.

Let's move onto the right side of my spread.  This particular journaling card tells the story of when Noah and I went to Chipolte for lunch. I wanted to highlight and write in big letters " Spongebob
Tears ". So I added that to the middle and made the text larger for more of an effect. I finished it off by embellishing the bottom corner.

I love printing on vellum. I printed out one of the digital stamps onto vellum and layered it onto this black and white heart card. One of the fun things you can do is add things underneath the vellum for a fun look. I added a few washi tape stickers and a gold star. One other thing I added to this filler card is the patterned paper. I felt that it needed some color so I cut up another card and added it to the bottom.

This first card was fun to make. It is a card from the BH Everyday Core Kit. I started out by playing with some of the digital stamps from the RAD set. I used the + stamp and made a few different sizes and also recolored them. Then I added the Making Something stamp to the top.

I added one more digital stamp to the small photo on the right. My parents were here visiting and this is how I found them when I came downstairs. They sure do love their grandpa !

I had bought some pre Valentine's Day flowers for the kids that week. I also brought home some donuts for us to enjoy.

I am loving the ease and creative uses for silkscreens lately. I used the one from the Studio Calico kit and some gold paint and added a fun pattern to my photo. I added a digital stamp to the photo before printing and I love the result of it all.

One more close up. Here is the photo of Noah doing his " Spongbob Tears " impression ! This kid is a crack up.

To be honest, this week has been sitting empty in my album for a while now. I am not sure why, maybe I was not inspired with some of the photos. I am not sure. Because I do love all the small stories that this week holds. But I am so happy to have it done now and I think the digital stamps definitely do help the creative process going for me. Thanks for coming everyone !

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