Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Project Life Week 14 | Kellie Stamps

Howdy everyone ! Happy Tuesday. It's me again, I know. Two days in a row. Woohoo, go me ! I might be ignoring my home duties just a tad but I am so excited to be sharing another week of Project Life with you today.

These pages are from Week 14. I am very happy about how they came out, especially since I am kind of going through a creative dry spell. It happens every once in a while. NOT my favorite, but I just have to work through it.

I created this one for my second Kellie Stamps Creative Team pages for April. I used the digital stamp set called RAD ! Rad it is, you can find it here.  Here is the photo of all the lovely stamps in the set.

As you will see I decided to use a different page protector to try and help my create juices start working again. I can't remember which letter version the page protector it is but I cut off the last row.

Okay, let's get to it shall we.

This week was the start of sports for the kids. It rained most of the weekend, and it is starting to heat up so I took the kids for their first swim of the year. I will go over more details later.

I created my title card this week. I started by making a visual line using the cross that comes in the digital stamp set. I made them all the same size. To make it fun I changed the colors of some of them and tilted a few. I added the week # brush from One Little Bird.

Katelyn has soccer practice once a week and a game on Saturdays. I went with a black and white photo here because the photo was clashing with all my other ones. I rarely do black and whites but it worked this time. I added the " Hello You " stamps onto the photo and then added the star.

This Happy card was so fun to create. I used the stamp Happy and layered them on the card for a fun look. This card is talking about my girls and how they have been awarded stuff at school for academics. Go girls ! The small photo is of the kids splashing in the gutter over the weekend when it was raining like crazy.

Here is another rainy photo. I picked up the kids from the bus stop a lot this week so I snapped a picture.

The journaling card is about the kids starting sports. I think the chipboard piece was from the Storytelling with Ali Edwards kit and I added it on the top. The story stamp is from the RAD digital stamp set.

As I mentioned earlier the weather is getting hottish. This particular day it was 95 degrees and so I took the kids over to the gym pool and they were in heaven. It was our first swim this year. I added the stamp on the bottom along with a few embellishments.

Let's move onto the right side now.

In the most recent Studio Calico kit they had this fun " Good Eats " card. I wanted to use it but the physical card was a vertical card. I needed a horizontal card and so I printed one out with the help of digital card kit. Before printing it out I added some journaling onto it.

Sunday night I cooked this delicious chicken dish. I snapped a photo of it and added it onto the 4x6 card.

Oh, let's talk about the page protector. Turns out I took a whole boat load of photos this week. I decided to scale down the regular week photos and add in an insert with a few events that I wanted to add. Plus it is always fun to mix it up once in a while.

The other side is a selfie that Katelyn took in her room. I added some journaling to the middle of the photo and a few cluster journaling. Love it !

Once more photo for today. Here is the bottom part of this right side.

Let's start out with the cross card I made. I combined two digital stamps (the cross and "these days") to make a black and white filler card. I paired it with a photo of me at Home Depot buying flowers and such.

The bottom row is all about getting out the slip n slide. I turned this photo black and white to match with the other one on the other side of the spread. The journaling card talks about Noah's begging and pleading for weeks to get the slip n slide out.

Well everyone. That is it for me today. Sorry about the bad photo quality. It was super cloudy and dark today, blah. Oh well. Until next time. I have week 4 to share with you sometime this week. Woohoo.

Happy scrappying everyone.


Liz said...

Very nice as usual! I like the way you coordinate the colors over the two pages in your album.

helen r said...

You've inspired me to make use of my stamps that are collecting dust. LOL.

Mindi said...

Thank you very much Liz !! I always like and try to color coordinate the two pages, seems to flow better. Helen, I am so glad that you are using your stamps again, I am also getting into stamping more. So much fun isn't it !