Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project Life Week 17 Part 2

Back again !! Here is the second half of week 17

Here is the second page of extras. Lots of pictures from our exploring the fields around our house.

Here is the other side :

Here are some closer looks at the photos : 

I then printed out a 12x12 picture and stuck it in a page protector. I love the look it gives and plan to do a few more like it in the future. Here it is : I used an Ali Edwards brush and added the place and the date.

On the other side of this picture I added a layout that I did. I wanted to tell the story a little more about how the girls love to point out the oil pumps around town and the funny names that they called them, each girl having a different name for them !!

Here is side 2 of the week : Another field picture with journaling stapled. Katelyn practicing her letters. They are always wanting to play school. Flowers for the front porch. And Patrick being the "daddy horsie", as the kids call him. Also a small picture of Noah out in the field and Maddie writing her letters.

Here are some closer looks :

That is it folks. It sure was fun to do and get in the album. So here I go off to get another week done and get ready for week in the life next week.


Ellie A. said...

I am so happy I found your blog. I have been doing project Life and felt as I was struggling w/my journaling but love what you are doing and if you don't mind will be using some of your ideas. :) I am Determined to fill in the my gaps I have since Jun :) Thank you again.

Mindi said...

Ellie - I am so glad that found my blog too !! Thanks for your comments. I means a lot. And of course you can use my ideas, I don't mind. The journaling part is the part that I struggle with as well. Good luck getting caught up, I'm trying to the same thing here.