Saturday, August 13, 2011

Project Life week 16

Yet another wonderful week has been finished and documented. I am not sure if I will ever get caught up at the rate that I'm going but things are bound to slow down, right ? School is coming and fall is around the corner. So there is hope.

Well here is a look at the first side of week 16 :
Includes the arrival of the washer and dryer. Saying goodbye to daddy on his first day of work. Noah's treat bucket. And Katelyn putting up her room decor.

Here is a closer look at the small picture of Noah, yes he is crying because his cherished daddy had to leave him and go to work:

Here is a close up of the picture of the kids sending off daddy, on his first day of work. I used the empty space on the photo for my journaling. It made room for the picture of Noah that I wanted to include in this week.

Here is a look at Noah's snack bucket picture. I wanted to make sure that I documented this part of his and my life, because it is so cute and funny !!

On to side #2. This includes a picture of my iphone giving me directions around my new city. It's been a lifesaver, really. Grandma and the girls making cookies. Gas prices. Our drive up the canyon. A picture of Noah and grandma on our hike - which i think you've seen pictures already. I did a layout about our hike, which you'll see later in the post.

Here is a closer look at the iphone shot. I really wanted to remember using my phone just about everytime we went anywhere. I even used it to give me directions on how to get home from where I was at !! Now I hardly use it, but back when everything was new, it was my map.

Here is a closer look at the picture of the cookies being made. If you were to know my mother, her nickname is cookie mom Heidi because she is always baking cookies and they are to die for good !! The girls love to help her with them, and of course eat the dough !

Here is a close up of the gas picture : I wanted to document how much gas was at the time. When we first arrived in town the price of gas was awful. The first time I filled up the tank all the way I about had a heart attack looking at the total. And yes that was the exact amount, I didn't do it manually !! It just magically ended up at $90.00 even.

Here is a closer look at the journaling card about the girls making cookies with grandma : I found some free clipart, placed it on the journaling card in photoshop, wrote my journaling, and printed. So easy and fast.

Here is a look at the picture of Noah and grandma on our hike. I was so sweet to see him reach for her hand and want her to help him walk down the path.

I had two extra page to add this week. So here is the first one. This was when we took my mom over to see the house in person. We were only able to walk around, but we wanted to show her the yard and to peek in the windows. I had her take a picture of all of us in front of the house.I added some of Ali Edwards brushes to the photo and then added some journaling strips at the bottom. The size is 6x9 so I made my own page protector by stitching up the two sides.

Here is the other side. This was on our hike in the mountains. I had my mom take the picture of us and I added another one of Ali Edwards brushes to the photo before printing.

That concludes week 16. That was the week of Easter. I am going to do a two page layout from Easter. Also I did a digital layout about our hike(see below) that we took that same week. Also me and Patrick left the kids with my mom and drove down to Santa Monica one night. We walked along the beach, had dinner, got to talk and enjoy each others company. I plan on doing a layout about that so stay tuned.

Here is the digital layout that I did. One note about the layout, I don't do very many digital ones.  I think I have done less than ten of them. But it is fun to do something different, sometimes they are faster than the traditional layouts and I like that. I found this site called that has free digital scrapbooking supplies. It is amazing and I got all my supplies from them so thank you !! Check the site out. Here is the layout. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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