Friday, August 26, 2011

Just like that

And just like that, I have a first grader and an official preschooler. Where did the time go ? Seriously, it seems just like yesterday that I was dropping Katelyn off for her very first day of preschool when she was three. This week both girls started their school routines, school lunches, backpacks, homework, letters, crayons, ect. It was kind of bittersweet. I was so excited for Katelyn, to start a new school year, a new school, all day school. I was so excited to have Maddie start a neighborhood Friday morning preschool and for me and her to start our own preschool here at home. Here are some pictures from our week :

Katelyn's first day :  Here she is with her littlest pet shop backpack and lunch box

Here she is in front of the school : I wanted to get the name of the school with her.

Throughout the week I have learned that in the morning all the kids pile all their backpacks together and then go play until the bell rings. See below. Katelyn's backpack is the purple, littlest pet shop one on the top, center pile.

Here is the lunch box bucket :

Every morning at the sound of the bell the kids are supposed to line up. So I wanted to document that. Her line is the one on the right and she is second in line. Not surprised at all, she is usually the first in line. She loves to be first. So funny.

Here is Katelyn's classroom door. Her teacher is Mrs. Younger.

That's it for Katelyn.

Maddie and I are doing preschool at home for two reasons. #1. I did not want to fork over two hundred dollars a month for preschool. #2. I couldn't find any preschool that was less than 150 dollars a month that had an opening. Apparently $150 is the norm for preschool !! I was floored. So I ordered a program called the learning box from a referral. So far it will be great. And then also some of the ward members here are doing a Friday morning preschool. We will rotate each week, each week someone will host it at their house. So I am so excited for her to be able to socialize with some other kids. On tuesday we officially started preschool. Thursday the Learning Box, box came. So here are some pictures from that day.


The daily lesson was on apples and the colors red and green. Of course she knows all her colors, shapes, and letters but it was fun to do the different activities like finding something in the room that was red. We learned how apples grow and she colored an apple book. She colored her apple seed in a rainbow color !! So cute.
We even had show and tell. See packed up some of the littlest pet shops and put them in her backpack before we started. See below.

This morning was the first Friday preschool. Here are some pictures from this morning

That concludes this back to school blog post. It was a fun and exhausting week. I am so glad it's Friday. I am just not used to getting up early and it is really draining me right now. So hopefully we can all get used to this new schedule.

I have finished another Project Life week so I will share that probably tomorrow.  I told you I was on a roll !! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


MaryRuth said...

Can I ask how you liked doing the Learning Box program?

I'm looking for a homeschool preschool program and I'd love your feedback on the program.



Mindi said...

Mary Ruth,

The Learning Box is a great and easy program. It comes all ready in the box for you. All the materials are there, there is no cutting things out, printing things, it is all there. It is a great mixture of Arts, learning, and fun games for the kids. And the instructions are all there for you to just read through while your doing it with your child. The only problem I had with it last year was it was too simple for my daughter. Although she loved all the crafts and games that she did. It is very basic, learning the letters, colors, the numbers 1-10. Other than that it was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, my son Noah is doing the program this year. We are meeting 2 times a week and rotating houses. It is a bunch of 3 years olds so it is perfect for them.

I hope that helps !!

Let me know if you have any other questions.