Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project Life Week 17

Project Life Week 17 : Done and I am so excited to show you because it was so fun to do, lots of extras. To save time I didn't edit any photos this week so I hope they look ok for you guys. Let's get to it !!

Here is the first page :  Dinosaur easter eggs were finished on Monday this week. Katelyn found this cute dinosaur decorating kit at the store and they turned out so cute. Tuesday she started school at her new school in California. Halliburton office where Patrick works. Also a small picture of the girls drenched from the sprinklers, we are not used to running in the sprinklers in April.

 Here is a closer look at the Dinosaur egg picture :

Here is a closer look at the journaling card for that day :

Here is a closer look at the school journaling card :

Here is a look at the first of the extra pages that I did for this week :  To make a long story short, we are surrounding by fields of growing plants, fruits, nuts, you name it around us here in our new town. So I wanted to document that. So one night I took the kids out to explore on of the fields and got some great pictures. Take a look. This first one is some journaling of our night and a little background about the city.  Oh yeah, I used one of Ali edwards long journalers for my journaling and just stitched the page protector to fit it.

Here is the back side of the long journaler : An oil Pump out in the field.

Here is the next set of extras for this week. I had lots of pictures from our adventure that I wanted to include so I just printed them 4x6 and stuck them in the american crafts 6x12 divided page protector. Put some of Ali's brushes on some of the photos.

Well it seems as if either my internet is giving me fits of blogger is. It wont let me add anymore pictures.So I am going to publish this post now and then edit it. So stay tuned for part two if you are reading this.

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