Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Life Week 19

I am on a roll. Here is the first page of week 19 :

Maddie and Katelyn gave me a flower that they got at church for Mother's day. Since I was gone all day on Mother's day they gave it to me on Monday. Here is a close up :

My mother was so sweet and left 4 care packages for us when she left. The girls were so excited !! They love packages. So the bottom pictures are of the packages and then one of the handwritten notes my mom left for us. Each package had something that reminded the kids of grandmas house. Chocolate chips, juice, popcorn, crayons, ect. So fun!! Thanks Grandma !!

Here are the journaling cards :

Here is the second page :

Maddie and Noah playing the Wii together. They have so much fun laughing, trying to drive the mario carts together. Of course Noah doesn't know how to play yet, but don't try to tell him that !!

Katelyn playing in the sprinklers :

My coupon binder all set up and ready for savings !!

Before we moved in the builder put in the backyard, grass, sprinklers, trees, and flowers. We went over the day that they were putting it in to check it out. Looks so good.

Here are the journaling cards :

I had two pages of extras from this week. We took a trip to a local park on Saturday that week. I put it together in photoshop and then printed it 6x12 at home. The days strip is from Ali's week in the life album from last year. Other brushes are from her as well. Here is the first page.

Here is the second page :

That's it. Short post today. Getting ready for Week in the life starting tomorrow. I'll post pics throughout the week. Stay tuned.


IAmMikki said...

I absolutely love what you have done with your journaling cards! They're fantastic.

Mindi said...

IAmMikki - Thanks so much for your comments ! I will do my best to keep them coming !