Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Life Volume 2

I have finished the last page of Volume 1 of my 2012 PL album. I also finished the first page of my Volume 2 PL album.

I had some extra pictures from the kids on the swing set and I used them for the last page of my Volume 1 album.

And here is the first page of Volume 2 - sorry about the bad photos. Its been very cloudy here.

On this one I had a whole bunch of pictures from our favorite local park. So I used them on the front of Volume 2. I added the Volume 2 card and also the other journaling card about the park.

I really didn't want to do a full title page for my Volume 2 album. Because I had plenty of pictures to fill it up with.

I love the result and am working right along. Still working on my scrap space, almost done though. I can't wait to have everything organized and in its place.

Until next time.

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