Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project Life Week 21

Week 21 May 21-27.

THE FIRST PAGE : Disneyland


I took the kids down to Disneyland for a little getaway/day off. Our annual passes were about to be blacked out for the summer so I wanted to take the kids before that happened. The girls Mickey ear hats were getting old, and Maddie's strap broke already. That meant new hats for both of them. Disney Princess hats was the final choice.

They had the new princess "Merida" there for a meet and greet. Afterwards they had this archery area that was set up for the kids and adults I guess. This is Katelyn shooting the bow and arrow. I don't know if she thought closing her eyes would give her an edge on hitting the target but it was hillarious. If you look closely you can see her eyes are closed very tightly.

Brush found here.

Met some of the Characters. Including the new princess. The girls could not believe that she was there. Total and wonderful surprise.


LEFT SIDE: Mickey rub-on.

RIGHT SIDE: Instagram shot of Katelyn trying so hard to open the pirate treasure chest. I put it on some of the new Jillibean Soup Chevron cardstock. The colors are way here, sorry, but they have some colors that match perfectly with the Clementine colors. 

LEFT SIDE: Filler card from the Clementine core kit.

RIGHT SIDE: Placed my photo onto the journaling card. Used a banner sticker and then added letters.

THE SECOND PAGE : *** This photo did not turn out so well. It was getting darker when I took it. *** Sorry.

THE PHOTOS: Patrick's B-day.

Used numbers from Ali Edwards Outlined Days, Months, and Years.

The last day of preschool was at my house. Meaning summer is here.

Used the friday brush from here.

Maddie and her hands are almost wart free !! But this is our nightly routine of wrapping them up to hold in the ointment.

Used this brush from here.  The colors were all wrong so I turned it black and white. It is a little better.

This story came from our hike on Memorial day but I didn't include it in my layout that I made. So I wanted to talk about it in my PL album.

I made a new layer and put it on top of the photo. Reduced the opacity so that it looked see through.
Added the brush from here and added my journaling. Added the arrows from here


LEFT SIDE: I used this freebie from Simple Girl Scraps. Found here. I changed the color but left the inside of the letters the original color for a bit of pop. I had this quote from maddie that I needed a cute journaling card that this one was perfect. Added the heart and arrow.

RIGHT SIDE: The first journaling card of my Right Now journaling. I thought about doing a foldable journaling card and it would have worked. But I didn't really have anything else to add to the layout so I used two journaling cards to spread out my journaling.

LEFT SIDE: The second journaling card.

RIGHT SIDE: A week review card. The banner is from one of the new jillibean soup journaling cards. I just cut it off of the card. Washi tape is underneath of the banner. I found the LOVE badge in my stash and added butterflies around the badge.

CLOSE -UP: Here is what the two cards look like together. I needed something to tie the two journaling cards together and so I used the bright orange sticker and then added the banner on top. Used this brush from Ali Edwards.

Week 21 is done. I started looking at week 22 and found that I took a whole 2 photos from that week !! EEEK !! I decided to just skip it, no one is going to care, or even notice. I didn't even have any notes from that week.

Week 23 is in progress. Well, it was until last night when I ran out of ink. So I will do all the rest of the prep work while I wait for my amazon order to get here.  I hope it gets here soon !!

Who is playing along with me ? How is your album coming along ?

Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

I am "almost" caught up. lol. I like seeing your layouts -- and knowing that you are not too worried about how many weeks back you are working. I need to make a photo order ... thankfully, I keep a little "sketch" of the layouts ... so I know what goes in what spot!

Mindi said...

I'm glad your "almost" caught up and not stressed about it. Keep notes and a sketch and that's all you need. I try not to stress and just enjoy the creative process. If I really wanted to be "caught up" I could simply add plain photos and journaling. But I don't want to do that. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate comments so much. Enjoy your album, it's a gift !!