Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Life Title Page 2012

I know what your thinking. It's September and your just getting around to doing your title page !!

Well, Yes. It's true.

I finally got around to getting my Title Page done. Reason being is that I was getting ready to move on to Volume 2 in my current PL album and needed to get Volume 1 all completed before moving all to Volume 2. So now it is all completely finished, nothing missing, no missing pictures, no missing journaling cards, and now, no missing title page.

Here is the very first page of my album. Cathy Zielske was kind enough to provide us with a cute little freebie page for our PL albums. So I joined the bandwagon and had to have one for myself.

You can find her blog post and the free download HERE.

 I used the Clementine Cardstock and the added the 2012 to the bottom. (They are from Basic Gray.) Cathy Z has the digital version available for you but I wanted to go hybrid. I simply added our last name to the template and then cut it out and pasted to my cardstock. Also added the camera badge from my Studio Calico Kit.

Here is what I added to the other side. I printed out a picture of our family in 6x12. I wanted them all to be black and white pictures because we were wearing red and black outfits (would have clashed).

Here is a close up. I used a filler card and printed out one of Ali Edwards sayings from here. Added the heart and the brad.

Here is a look at the main title page. 

The 2012 Memories Start Here card can be found as a freebie from Design Editor here.

Here is a closer look at the top left corner card.  I added a tag, the frame, and the number 5 to the left side. Added a arrow sticker from My Minds Eye new line, a blue doilie and the camera.

Here is a closer look at the bottom right card. I scraplifted this from Ali Edwards. I took her idea and made it my own with what I had on hand. I cut the top card up and added it to some Clementine Cardstock. Found a circle overlay that I had and added that to the top of the cardstock. Embellished it and called it good.

So now my Volume 1 of my PL album is now officially completed. Since I didn't want to split a week up between two books I found some extra pictures and filled them in for the back side of my last page of Volume 1. I want to finish the top page of the Volume 2 and then I will share them with you. Hope I didn't confuse anyone, if so I will explain and show you what I meant in my next post.

I hope you had a great Labor day. Ours was spent driving, driving, and more driving. Sadly we had to take my mom back to Utah over Labor day so we spent it driving there and a quick one day stay and then right back home. So now I have to go and clean my house.

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libbywilko said...

Love the title page Mindi, can't wait to see the next one.