Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Daily Day 4

Hello everybody !!

I'm really sorry its been so long in between posts. I came down with STREP and that set me back a good week or so. I know, no good. I'm still trying to catch up.

Today I want to share my DD day 4. (it has been done for a while now) I also have day 5 done and day 6 is in the works. I'm thinking that I am going to have to go super simple to get this project done cause 2015 is coming folks.

Day 4 both pages.

Today's story was all about how our mornings include our elf "Harry". All about how I wake up to the whispers, and the pitter patter of little feet searching for Harry. I chose to include photos of Harry's shenanigans to go along with the story.  

If you can remember my Day 3 had the small photo on the star transparency sheet. I added a photo of Harry to the back side. Before I stitched them both in place.

Here is the left side of my Day 4. Includes a few close ups and my journaling card.

I chose to tell the story about how the kids reacted to see what Harry had done in the middle of the night on my journaling card. They took it rather well to seeing their precious "pups" tied up. I was surprised. They even left them there until it was time for bed.

I really love to add different sizes of pages into an album like this. I like the layers and it is so much fun. I cropped the photo to a 4x8 size leaving a nice wide border around the edge. I made my own page protector using my sewing machine.

To make it stand out I left the "morning story" brush in black (you can find it here. It's a newer one from Ali Edwards. Then added in my journaling down below. Instead of adding a tab to the page I added the gold star from my SC kit and the merry arrow.

That's it for day 4.

I hope to share day 5 very, very soon. I'm going to work on day 6 right now !

Gotta run. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season.

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