Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project Life Week 7

Followup from the previous post. Patrick is back home and although we were hoping to find out where he was offered the job or not, we have to wait another two weeks. He was told that we would hear one way or the other in about two weeks. So the waiting game begins, AGAIN! Oh well. Life goes on. 

Another week over with, another week done.

I have decided to change my approach with project life. I am doing a weekly layout now and so far it has been great. I wanted to include more things. More of a week in review style. Sometimes I just want to include a sentence about the picture, not a whole journaling card. So I just journal directly on the picture. See Monday's picture below.

This weeks pictures start out with a picture of the school pick up line and the school itself. From the line I can see her classroom door and watch her come out. Every day I drive to school and wait in the pick up line for Katelyn to come. Katelyn loves that I wait in the line to come pick her up. I think she feels so grown up, even though she is only in kindergarten.

The next picture is of Maddie at the dinosaur museum. Patrick took them down there on her birthday because I still wasn't feeling well.

The next picture is of all of us having a tea party. I had found this cute tea set for Maddie's birthday that the cups change colors when you poor cold water in it. The girls LOVE it and call it the Magic tea set. We have been having non stop tea parties since.

Also include was a picture from Maddie's birthday breakfast, and a picture of Katelyn at the dinosaur museum.

Patrick and I have been using our phones more to capture pictures when we don't have an actual camera right there and so far the pictures have turned out great. See above picture of Patrick and Maddie at her birthday breakfast.

Maddie turned 4 this week and we had her birthday party on Saturday. She loves Pink and the book Pinkalicious so she picked Pinkalicious as her birthday theme. Her birthday party pictures were put in a page protector. The first one is of the Pinkalicious cupcakes that I made based on the book. The second pic is of the party guests and their wands that I hid for them to find. The next picture is of Maddie's birthday cake in the shape of a giant cupcake. 
 Some more pictures of Maddie's party. Each of the girls were given a flower to take home and Maddie kept smelling it so I snapped a picture. We played a musical chairs type game with the girls. The next picture is of Maddie when we were singing to her. She was acting really shy when we were singing, she sat really far down in her chair so that no one could see her, but we coaxed her up so she could blow out her candles. Silly girl.
This next page is of the regular week side 2. Included: Another cute picture of the tea set. This is another reason why I choose to do the weekly layout. So that I could include the pictures that I wanted, like this one of the tea set. 
The next picture is of the email that we got about the second interview for Patrick. I took a screenshot of the actual email.

A cute picture of Katelyn with her flower in her hair. So cute. 

The next picture is part of our dinner on Saturday. Thanks Ali for the tostada idea, they were a huge hit and will be added to the regular dinner rotation And can I say easy !!

Also included was a picture that Patrick took in the app from his phone called Instagram. We love it, we share pictures back and forth a lot. The picture is of Noah when they both wen outside to explore. The weather is getting nicer here and so lots of outside exploration is happening.

Also included, a tag from some clothing bought recently and one of Patrick's Deer Valley business cards.

 And that is a wrap on this week in our lives. Take care everyone.


White House Daily said...

Thanks for sharing! LOVE your album. It is really beautiful. Your photos and layouts are so inspiring. How are you typing on your journaling cards? Really, your book is turning out to be amazing - love it!

Katy said...

I found you here from the BPS gallery - I have those same Cathy Z templates (primarily the one you used for the kite pictures). How/where do you print your pages like those? I tried Costco, but it didn't work out - not sure if I did something wrong or what! Love your album and the layers - will have to do the whole cut-the-12x12-divided-page protector thing soon as a way to add just a *few* more pictures!

Mindi said...

Thank you for your nice comments. They mean a lot. As far as the journaling goes here is a brief description.

So what I do is scan the card in to the computer and then crop it to 2.75 X 3.75 using photoshop. Put my journaling in and print on the card. There is another way if you don't have a printer that you can feed your cards through. You type your journaling on a sheet of printer paper, the thinner the better. Hold it up to the light with the journaling card on top. That way you can see right through the card and see if you need to adjust your journaling to fit around the card space. Adhere the card to the printer paper. I have used the square mounting squares, they work the best because they come right off. And then run it through your printer again. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. I'd be glad to help.

Katy - I usually will print at home. But sometimes I will print through Costco. Sorry it didn't work out when you tried to print them, what did they look like? Are you using photoshop to do the templates? I would love to help ! I am no expert but I do know my way around photoshop and that sort of thing. So just let me know k !!

Katy said...

Hi - I used her 8x11 template, but realizing that there is no specific 8x11 size to print from (unlike the 12x12 which they do have), upload it, and selected the the 11x14 (or is 11x17?) option thinking it would come out on that larger paper and I would just have to trim it. Instead it came out actually being 11x14 (wasn't distorted or anything, just larger as if the original was 11x14). Anyway, does that make sense? I'm at Costco all the time so I would love to use them rather than use companies that then I have to pay shipping on! Thanks so much! I may have to try that scan/type/print thing you talked about for the journaling cards! Whenever you do that, you get twice the mileage out of that journaling card!

Mindi said...

Katy - I see your dilemma with printing 8.5 X 11. I think the only thing that you could do is resize the template to 8x10 and print in that size, or open up a new layer in photoshop sized 11X14 and then place the template onto it so that you could print it at costco. But, is a lot more cost that way. Wish I could help out more. You could also try to call your local camera shops that offer prints and ask them if it is possible to do you an 8.5x11 print. I know if I ask my Inkleys here they can do that size. They can do any size really. That might be a cheaper option for you. Good Luck.