Tuesday, March 22, 2011

California here we come !!

Patrick received an email about ten o'clock last night from one of the companies he has been applying with. We were expecting it next week, but were very excited that it was a job offer in California !!

So we are off to California. Calls were placed to Mortgage companies, Real Estate agents, and so forth. This is really happening. I am beyond excited at this opportunity but very saddened by the fact that we have to pick up and move from the only state that I have ever lived in, the only town that I have ever lived in. Thirty years of memories, the countless trips to Wheeler Farm, lake visits, riding horses, kids being born. You get the idea. It is a little scary. So I wanted to take a few minutes and look back on the things and the memories that I will dearly miss about my hometown.
                      Moments like this - Hikes with grandpa
Views out the front window
Some first steps at Thanksgiving Point

Picking pumpkins at our favorite Patch
Attending our annual neighborhood Fourth of July Parade
 Visits to the lake
 Our current backyard. Especially the garden boxes. 
 And the best and most important thing that we will miss is this : 
and this 

 Oh I really could go on and on. I spent some time today thinking about all the things that I will miss.
But I know that we will find some new favorite places, make some new memories, and discover a new town. I am excited about our new adventure. Stay tuned for more Project Life.

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