Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project Life 6

Well I have been waiting for Patrick to write his journaling for one the pages this week. It took him five days to get it to me !! And that was after constantly bugging him about it. But it is done now so I can share it with you. This is the Side 1 of Week 6. The first picture is of Katelyn and Patrick at her birthday breakfast. It is a Niebuhr tradition to go out to breakfast on all birthday mornings. We got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa who are over in Greece using our new iphones and skype. Isn't technology fantastic. The next picture is of Patrick the day he went in for his first "Real" job interview with Halliburton. The next picture is of my cold medicine. I got really, really sick for about two weeks.
These are some pictures from Katelyn's birthday party. The girls are both into Toy Story right now and so that is what she choose. She asked for a cake with all of her little toy story characters on it and so we found something online that she liked and I made it. It turned out pretty cute. 
This is the other side of the page protector. More pictures from the party. Playing games and the blowing out of the candles. I copied Ali Edwards and used some of Katie Pertiet. These are perfect. I have been in need of something like these for putting journaling on photos. I love these. 
This is a collage I did of some pics from when we went out and flew Katelyn's kite. She got it from her birthday party and the next day it was really windy. It was perfect flying weather and we all had fun. 

Patrick has been working at Deer Valley plus his other job at night this week. It might be his last time working at Deer Valley, you just never know. I wanted him to get some pictures for me and then write about his week, what he does up there, ect. While it took a while to get it out of him, I am so glad that he did. I love having his writing, journaling, pictures in our family project life book. I want to try and more of the family involved. **Mental note **  Patrick took a few pics with his cell phone, got to love our new iphones and then I put the Deer Valley logo in the background and copy and pasted his journaling on top. It was really easy to do and I think it turned out great.
This is Week 6 Side 2. The first picture is of Maddie cleaning up all the water that Noah had put on the floor of the kitchen !! I was laying down in the bedroom for about 5 minutes, came in to see what was going on. Found him on top of the chair, in front of the fridge pushing the water lever down. There was water all over the floor !! It was great, especially since I was sick that week. At least Maddie helped me clean it up. Thanks sweety. The next picture is of Patrick and Maddie playing the Wii. It is the newest "BIG" thing in our house right now. And since I was sick that week it was great to have something that the girls could do. Of course Daddy had to join in too! The next picture is from the Jazz game that they had won. Also on the journaling card I included what was happening with the team. I am a big sports fan !! The next picture is from the charity crop that I attended that Saturday. It is so fun, they have games, a raffle, a page contest (that I won first place - three years in a row now) not to brag or anything, of course friends, and an all day crop. I still wasn't feeling well and did leave early but the main attraction was that Stacy Julian was there !! Yes, the Stacy Julian of big picture classes. I was so excited to meet her and get a chance to talk to her. She was also one of the judges for the contest. She is amazing. It was a great day.

Well that is it for the week. Thanks for looking. Take care everyone.

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