Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maddie's Pinkalicious 4th Birthday Party

Maddie actually turned 4 back on the 1st of March but we celebrated her birthday this past Saturday. We had a small party with "Just Girls" as Maddie kept telling everyone. The theme came from the book "Pinkalicious." It is a darling book about a girl named pinkalicious that ate so many pink cupcakes that she turned pink. It is one of Maddie's favorites that I decided to have that be the theme for her party. The above picture was the decorated table. Nothing real fancy, but everything pink. Pink flowers, pink plates, pink dipped strawberries, pink chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick, the actual pinkalicious book, the pink cupcakes(decorated just like the book), pink cookies, and of course goldilicous(pinkalicious's pet unicorn).  All the party guests were asked to dress in pink attire and I love how all the girls looked so pretty in pink !!
The pink cupcakes
Pink marshmallows

 Maddie's cake. I couldn't really figure out a way to make a huge cupcake. They have cupcake tins at the party stores but they were $30.00 and I wasn't about to spend that much one something that I would only use once. But I think it turned out great and Maddie loved it. "My cake" she cried out when it was decorated. 
 The first activity we did was to color a page of their favorite "PINK" things. The girls loved it and after they were done we put them up on the wall. 
In the book, pinkalicious has a magic wand. A few weeks back I had boughten some cute wands at target for the girls for the party. I hid them all around the room and told them that they needed to find them. It was a huge hit! And then we proceeded to dance around the room, skipping, twirling, and running. So fun. 
Maddie's wand. 
The next activity we did was to do musical chairs. I read them the pinkalicious book and they had to walk around while I was reading it. Every time I read the word PINK they had to sit down. At the end of the book, whoever was sitting on the chair with the cupcake on the bottom was the winner. The girls really had fun, but found it hard to keep walking as they wanted to look at the pictures in the book. Oh well, it was still fun. 
 Here they are walking around the chairs. And that is me in the corner. 

This is Maddie and her cake. This was her at the beginning of the happy birthday song. 
This was her towards the end of the song. I don't know if she just didn't like all the attention, she is my shy child. Or maybe she didn't like our singing, I don't know. But we she did finally surface to make a wish and blow out her candles. Katelyn showed her how to close her eyes to make a wish and then blow out her candles!! Such a good big sister.

After cake we had a great little tea party. Just like in the book. I had found this cute play tea set right before Maddie's birthday and it is so neat. The girls call it MAGIC because when you pore the water, punch, whatever you have( as long as it is cold) the cups turn dark pink. All the girls loved the cups, each one requesting cup full after cup full of tea, which was pink lemonade.

The cupcakes were handed out along with the strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, and it was so much fun. Some of the girls asked things like, "If we eat all this pink stuff will we turn pink too?" Amelia kept going back and forth on whether she wanted to be pink or not. Maddie, Katelyn, and Adelaide all kept saying that they wanted to turn pink. The rest were undecided ! It was really cute to hear the PINK conversation all throughout the tea party. 

All in all, it was a great party and I just can't believe that my little Maddie girl is four. Time sure does fly by. 
 All the girls were sent home with their own pink flower along with some other party favors. But Katelyn and Maddie wanted their picture taken with their flower in their hair so we quickly went outside for a picture. 
Maddie changed her mind and all she wanted to do was smell it and then show it to me so that is all I got from her. 

Until next time folks. I hope to get my next week of project life up tomorrow or Thursday so stay tuned. Thanks for looking.


Kim and Preston said...

Cute Party Mindi! Happy Birthday Maddie!

tona said...

Thank for posting the party. Sounded wounderful. Love you Maddie. Happy 4th.