Thursday, March 31, 2011

A project life week preview

I was working on week 11 here and there but just ran out of time to completely finish it before leaving this weekend. But I just wanted to give you a little sneak peak, actually a big sneak peak. There are pictures(although not cropped and straight out of the camera to save time), bad lighting and all, and no description. I will go into detail next week and also will finish the week off. I have a few extras that I need to do.

So have a wonderful weekend everyone. We leave tomorrow morning for California to go and buy us a house !! Wish us luck and I will share pictures of our weekends adventure next week.

Week 11 Side 1

Week 11 Side 2

P.S. Katelyn and Maddie are on this cowgirl kick. They wear their cowgirl hats, cowgirl shirts, and their boots around all day. Riding their stick horses, lasso's in hand(a robe tie), most of the time rounding up the cattle and wild horses. It is has been so fun to watch them this past week. Here is a picture of Katelyn in her hat and wearing her cowgirl shirt. I still need to get one of her and Maddie on their horses.

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Mrs. Boom said...

Good luck on your houst hunt!
I am a new follower and have been inspired by your Project Life postings so, thank you!