Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Life Week 10

Since I am now doing a weekly layout I had to re-number the weeks. So we are now on Week 10. This week I really had fun, looked through my supplies, and stamped on the journaling cards. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it, although it took more time.

Here is Side 1
It has a picture of Noah eating his cereal at the "BIG" table. He kept wanting to sit at the table with the girls so I finally put away the highchair. He has also discovered cereal with milk in a bowl and loves it. If I ever forget to get him some milk he will let me know !

The next picture is of some new pillows I bought for the couch. I also included a picture of the bathroom, which I bought all new items for.

Maddie loves her Toy Story toys and wanted a picture with them all. So I told her that she had to write on the journaling card for the scrapbook. She was more than happy to help me out. So I got a journaling card out for her and she wrote on it by herself. I wrote down what she wanted to say and then she copied it on the card, she is a great copier !

Here is some pictures that I wanted to include of Maddie and Noah playing with his new train set. I went to target the day before and got him his first Geo Track set. He loves it, of course. He is such a train kid.
Here is Side 2 of this week. Not much extra happened this week. I was really busy with trying to keep Noah happy, he is getting some new teeth.
The first picture is of me and Noah outside that I took with my phone. The color was horrible so I turned it black and white. I created a white box, turned down the opacity in Photoshop on the box layer, so that is was kind of see through. Then I wrote my text on top of the box. I need to try to remember to get me in the box more often. Mental note !! 

The next picture is of Katelyn all decked out in pirate gear for a friends birthday party. The invitation warned that if you don't come dressed in pirate attire you had to walk the plank. Katelyn took it very literally so we had to go to the party store and get her a hat, and eye patch. She sure had fun at the party. 

We got girl scout cookies that week. 

The next picture is of the two girls on their bikes. The weather is starting to turn a little warmer so they were begging me to let them out on their bikes around the circle.

The next picture is of Noah on his car outside in the backyard. He loves cars and was so excited when he found this hidden underneath the deck. He sat on it for quite a while and tried to go around the patio. 

That is it for Week 10. I really need to go call the Realtor now about finding us a house, we are going House Hunting next weekend !!

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tona said...

Those are wonderful pictures of the kids and you. Can you email me some pictures of the kids. Love the notes with the pictures. Love Maddie's. Love you all.