Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Life Week 5

Things around our household are still not great. Kids now sick, me still not feeling well at all. I am so sick of feeling sick. I have been working on my project life book a few minutes here and there in between being a couch potato and trying to sleep. So I thought I would quickly share my next week. So I really thought I was all done with the next week but then I realize i was not !! It must be the sickness. Oh well. Here is one page from week 4 that  I needed to add to the book. I posted about Maddie's photo shoot earlier but I wanted to tell the story about her love for skirts and leggings. So i made a page for my project life book.
This page talks about her love for skirts and leggings and how she won't wear pants.
Other side. Some cute pictures of my sweet Maddie girl. 
This is Week 5. The first picture is of the kids and Grandma and Grandpa Niebuhr. They were leaving the next morning for their LDS mission to Cyprus, Greece. We sure will miss them, especially Noah. He loves him grandma and grandpa. He calls grandpa PAPA. So cute. The next pictures is of our brand new t.v. and entertainment center that we bought. It is a 50 inch plasma, HD t.v. and we all love it. I don't know how we lived without it!! The next picture is of Katelyn in her own room. We were busy moving her stuff in her new room and she loves her new found space. It is all her own !! On one of the journaling card I wrote about Maddie's quote to her daddy. She always says, "Daddy, I love you the last number. " Love it and it had to go in the book.

This little insert is from the day that Patrick and his brother, Tyler went Skiing together at Park City Ski resort. They had so much fun together.
The second side. Pics of Patrick and Tyler skiing. Also Patrick's Skiing tag and journaling. 
Patrick took the two littlest ones down to the farm. On Wednesdays they have activities for them to do. That day they milked the cow, made butter, visited the animals, and Maddie rode the ponies while Noah cried when Patrick tried to get him on the pony!! Maybe next time buddy. They had so much fun that I wanted to make a collage of their adventure. 
This is a collage page of some pics from our Valentines day. Noah tried to help by cracking the eggs all by himself in the morning while Patrick was making french toast! Katelyn and Maddie went to grandmas house to decorate cupcakes. Maddie got her beloved Goldilicous unicorn(pinkalicious's unicorn from the book goldilicous. We also had heart shaped french toast for breakfast. 
Week 5 Side 2. This page talks about Noah sabotaging Movie night by dumping all the popcorn out of the bowl and putting the bowl on his head even before I could get the movie started. He then did it two more times that night!! It was quite a mess. We had preordered our iphones from Verizon the week before and they finally came. We were so excited. I love my iphone now and am addicted. The girls put their valentines together that week. I really thought that I was done with this week before taking pictures of the pages. I realize now that I wanted to add a picture from my iphone to one of the journaling spots. Also missing from this week is Patrick's journaling card from his trip down to the farm. Oh well I will finish it later and add his card in to the book. I really feel it essential to have Patrick participate in the project life process too. It will be neat to his journaling in the book and I look forward to having more opportunities for him to get involved. So I really need to go and get some rest now. Take care everyone. Until next time.   


Debbie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your progress at Big Picture Classes... It's helpful to see how others are incorporating extra photos. You're doing a beautiful job! Hope you are all feeling well soon!

ejmom said...

I really enjoy looking at your Project Life album. You've done some really neat pages!