Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week In The Life Wednsday

Day three :

Took Katelyn to school today. Just happened to walk in at the same time as her friend Joslin. So precious this moment. Ah, to be six again. 

Maddie wanted to finish watching Toy Story 3 and so she got some of the toy story toys out, lined them up, and they watched it together. Of course, there was some playing in between.

All summer long the church ladies get together at each others pools for pool wednsdays. It was quite sad today because today was the last one. We have had so much fun getting to know everyone and the chance to cool off a bit. I have enjoyed seeing the progress of the girls over the summer. Maddie was afraid to go in the deep end at first and now she is jumping off the side of the pool !! Love it ! Next year swim lessons for sure.

These flowers sit in the middle of our table.

Patrick's work overalls when he is out in the field.

Katelyn had a friend and her brother over to play today after school. Her name is Alana and she is currently Katelyn's best friend. Alana's mom picks the girls up from school every day so that I can stay home with a sleeping Noah. She is so nice ! So I had her kids over today to play to kind of make up for it.

Daddy's home.

Time to mow the lawn. I guess he didn't want me to take a picture of him or something, check out his tongue !!

Just a few today. Off to get ready for my parents to come to visit !! We were surprised on Monday when my mom called and said that they were coming for the holiday weekend !! Yeah !! SO EXCITED !!

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IAmMikki said...

I just love the picture of the Toy Story 3 toys all lined up. My daughter LOVES Toy Story 3! I have seen some very similar scenes.