Friday, January 20, 2012

This and That

Put this wreath up this week for Valentine's Day. Bought one of those Command self adhesive hangers to stick on the door. LOVE IT !!

 Finding myself on the floor most days playing trains with Noah

Super, super excited about the upcoming San Fransisco 49 rs playoff game on Sunday.

Trying to prepare, print photos, gather supplies for an all day crop tomorrow.

Maddie went willingly to preschool this morning and so grateful for that. It's been a struggle lately.

Took Maddie in to the dermatologist yesterday for her hands. Got a prescription for some creme. She can't wait to get the warts off her hands. We have to do a few at a time. At night I have to put the creme on and then a band aid on top.

Love listening to Katelyn read lately.

Turned in my first Design Team layout this week

Organizing my scrap space. Bought a new bookcase for the closet and now have some extra space.  The kitchen is next.And then the rest of the house. It is one of my main new years resolutions.

Love watching my home team The Utah Jazz lately. Playing pretty good as of late.

Love have this truck on loan. Patrick will have his own April/Mayish. We can't wait.

Still loving the winter weather here. Much better than at home.

These boots have been camped out by the front door lately. Getting lots of use.

Wanted to jot some things down today and share with you all. Like I mentioned earlier, I am trying to prepare for my crop tomorrow and so will not be posting again until later next week. I just barely started on my week 2, I know. Not off to a good start but that's life. As I type this, I have a little one grabbing at my arm. So I need to run. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and go do some scrappin'.

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