Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Boy

 This boy is a toddler, full and true. And he is not afraid to show you
This boy loves Diego, lives, sleeps, breathes Diego
This boy has the most adorable happy horsie run/skip
This boy is trouble with a capital T
This boy is so sweet and is always sure to get a hug and a kiss before bed
This boy needs to have the "Itsy Bitsy spider" sung to him before bed and nap time, TWICE with actions
This boy gave us a little scare this past Tuesday night that ended with me and him in the ER for observation
This boy is currently 2.5 years old. How did that happen ?
This boy has recently been into mischief all day and all night leaving me scared to death if he is out of my sight
This boy has a language all his own, We call it "Noah" and I am quite fluent in it. Patrick not so much
This boy loves to eat, I am constantly pulling him out of the pantry. Especially from morning to lunch time
This boy asks "WHY" alot
This boy calls his sister Katelyn "Kaynee". Calls Maddie "Her" because he hasn't mastered her name yet.
This boy loves his trains
This boy loves water, any form
This boy can throw an epic tantrum. Emmy worthy
This boy loves and adores his big sister Katelyn. Calling out for her when she is at school
This boy has the most precious dimples
This boy is has my heart
This boy is currently giving me a run for my money
This boy loves his "BABY". Translation, blankie.
This boy is so in love with his daddy.

.pictures taken July 2011

I wanted to take a little time today and jot down some things about my son Noah. He is growing up so fast. I have been wanting to get some things written down about what he is doing, what he likes, what mischief he gets himself into, ect.

Hopefully I can do more of these types of posts in the future.  These types of things are what I want to also include in my PL album. Things like this are those that I don't want to ever forget.

I know I haven't been around this past week as much. Noah has decided to see how much trouble he can cause in one day as of late and I have been scared to let him out of my sights this past week. Hence the trip to the ER (a whole another blog post ) and yes he is just fine. I also celebrated my 10 th Wedding anniversary yesterday and it was great. So needless to say I am a bit behind. I do have another PL week to share with you, hopefully tonight. Patrick is away on a job so I should get some time tonight. Stay tuned.

Currently working on another week of my 2011 PL. Also week 1 of 2012. Planning a post about how I put my week together and how I tackle some of the decisions about what goes where and such. So look for that sometime in the future. I'm sure it won't be as good as some of the "Professionals" out there but I know some of you are curious and have asked.

I know there is a WHOLE bunch of buzz out there in cyber space about Project Life and as for me I love it. I love that more people are jumping on board. I love see everyone's pages and their takes on the project. Don't you ?  There is a whole slew of inspiration out there. Ranging from super simple to super complicated. No matter how you decided to tackle this project make it your own, make it what works for you, make it what you can handle. It is supposed to be simple, fun, and manageable. Ok, I think I need to stop there. So sorry about the long post.

Take care everyone. I have to go get ready for tonight. I received an email about being accepted for the  design team here at the local scrap store and the first meeting is tonight. SUPER excited about this opportunity.

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