Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello 2013

As we said goodbye to the year 2012, we say hello to 2013.

Hello to a whole new year of Project Life. Even though, I'm not done with 2012 yet. 

Hello to new memories, to birthdays, and school days, vacations, bike rides, ect.

Hello to more journal writing.

Hello to saying Yes more.

Hello to a new home.

I am ready. Bring it !!


For 2013 I am choosing to go with the Seafoam edition. I can't wait for it to come out. (currently not in stock yet). I love colors. The modernish look. If I can call it that. The cleanish of it appeals to my OCD side. So that is my pick.

I have purchased a We are Memories Keeper album. I have some page protectors already. Although I need to get more.

Here is what my 2013 album currently looks like.

I don't have a title page yet.

I have my design A Becky Higgins page protectors in my binder.

The next thing that I have in my album are these Project Life Planners by Marcy Penner. I have printed one out for each week and slipped them into a 8.5x11 page protector. As you can see that I have put the date of the week on the planner ahead of time. So that later you can flip through the album and find the right week easily. You can find these planners made by Marcy Penner here .

I use them to plan out my weeks. Also, they hold any paper ephemera that I want to include in that week.

One thing that I wanted to improve on this year was my journaling. I have some weeks in 2012 that have nothing written down. So I wanted to come up with some solution to that.

I simply slipped in blank Becky Higgins grid journaling cards in the journaling card slots to add my journaling throughout the week.  This is going to help me write down the everyday things that happen throughout the week. I believe this will help when I go to do my weeks.

That is my plan of attack. Very simple. Might add more as the weeks go by. We shall see. Now off I go to actually work on my 2012 and maybe my 2013 album.


Sara said...

I'm excited to see what you do with your PL 2013! I've just found your blog while searching for PL ideas and have been going through your past PL posts. I love how you used a core kit but added extra bits and pieces to make it unique.
Happy New Year!

Mindi said...

Thanks Sara !

MaryRuth said...

Super excited to see your 2013 pages! Loved your 2012!!