Wednesday, January 30, 2013

After Christmas Vacation

I want to back track a little here. Back in December we went up to visit my parents, which were so happy to see us. We left a few days after Christmas and spent about a week up there. It was a great trip, we got to go on many adventures, saw lots of fun Christmas things, went sledding, and played in the snow.

** DISCLAIMER **  This is a very photo heavy post.

Today I want to share a few photos of that trip with you. And the stories that they tell. ** I am trying to be short here, so I am not editing any photos **

So this one tells a great story. It starts with the drive up to grandma and grandpas house. Goes something like this, I can't wait to play in the snow, I love the snow, I want to build a snowman, and roll in the snow, well you get the idea. All three of them were saying such things. So the first day that we were there I had to buy Noah a "REAL" winter coat, cause he really doesn't need one here. So off we went to the kids thrift type store, coat bought. Borrowed some snow pants for 2 of the kids. And a pair of gloves. Next step was to get them all dressed, know you know this act alone takes a while. I had three kids to dress from head to toe with snow gear ! So they are all ready to go out and have a wonderful time in the snow and then this happens no more than 30 seconds later. I had to go rescue him ! He was done ! He had fallen in the snow and got his hands, arms, and half of his side covered in snow. Well you have to remember that we have been out of practice in the pretty white stuff !

So fast forward about 5 minutes and we get this scene. Let's just say their first snow outing didn't go so well.

The next adventure we had was out at the cutest little group of shops that are open year round. When christmas time rolls around they decorate it with elves.


We took a break and got a sugary treat at the bakery.

They even had skiing elves.

We also checked out the HUGE new sporting goods store in town. There were scary bears !

And even a ferris wheel.Had to steal this one with my iphone.

We went sledding and the kids were in heaven, even Noah ! They didn't want to leave.

My dad went with us and I'm so glad that he got to come. He was such a big help and we all loved that he was there. 

He was the workhorse. Pulling the kids up the hill.

I even got in on the action.

Some action shots.

We took a little road trip downtown to see the Macey's Christmas windows. They are amazing ! And all made out of candy !

This whole thing is made out of candy !! Crazy !

After we saw the windows we went and visited Temple Square and the lights there. It has always been a family tradition to go and see the lights and it was nice to be back there again.

The next day we went back downtown to the children's museum. The kids could have spent the whole day there. They have so many fun things to do, but they mostly spent time in the store. I got lots of photos from there, but the lighting is absolutely horrible and so I will save those for later.

Here is Noah shopping.

Here is Maddie being the cashier.

On the way home we stopped at this AMAZING Christmas light house. They were on the news and everything, and they even hand out candy canes and toys to the kids ! Crazy !

That concludes our trip. We had a really fun filled time and I'm grateful that we could spend time with my parents. I can't wait to add all this fun into my album.

** I am almost done with my week 4 and will hopefully share tomorrow. Also have a Disney spread done so I will share that soon as well. **

Anyone playing along with Ali and doing A Day In The Life tomorrow ? I haven't decided. Might kind a sort of play along. We shall see how I'm feeling about it in the morning.

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libbywilko said...

Wow it all looks so fun, except maybe the falling in the snow! I can't believe those cute shops and those amazing Christmas lights !