Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life Week 39 2012

I know that this is a week from 2012 but I still want to share it with you.

This was back in Sept. and it has half of regular life and the other half is of our day at the County Fair.

The first page.

My two silly kids.

The kids took their animals outside one day and made them a nice home to live in. With real trees, food, water, and rocks.

Ali Edwards Go Outside Brushes And Stamps.

The homemade jungle. The home is from Ali Edwards messy home brushes I believe, and made a line to go under homemade and then added the letters, which are American Krafts.

The first card is from the Clementine Kit. The heart in the background is FROM AMY TANGERINE.

The second card I used the cute arrow, that unfortunately was a freebie but is no longer available.

For the first card I took the circle sticker from October Afternoon Midway and drew a pen around it. Added the zebra rub on and the lettering at the bottom.

The second card I used this cute quote bubble that I wrote Help me on. I tried to find out where it came from but I can't remember. If I come across it I will add it in later. 

The second page. The County Fair.

Katelyn got to participate in the human tractor pull. She had so much fun trying to pedal the tractor with the weight on the back. (She is in orange).

Sticker from October Afternoon Midway.

The kids loved the swings. The pictures turned out okay and there was so much going on in them that I turned them black and white.

The first card is from the Clementine kit. Added stickers from October Afternoon Midway.

The second one was a few shots of Katelyn holding her entry form for the tractor pull and then of her on the tractor. You can't see it from here, but her face is soooo hilarious. You can tell that she is using up all her will and energy to try to pedal the tractor. Love it !

The first card is from the Clementine kit. Added some more midway stickers and the title.

That is it for week 39 from 2012. I have started week 40. Well it's actually our trip to Disneyland. We were there for 4 days and so I have planned it out to cover a few spreads and is going to take me some time. But I love reliving our recent trip to the Magic Kingdom.

I have also started working on my week 4 as of last night! I like to wait until the week is over to do it, that way I know what I want to include and how many pictures I need to fit in.  Hope your albums are coming along, at least all of you that playing along with me !

Have a great week everyone !


Arlene said...

Your work is simply inspirational! Love your pages.

Mindi said...

Thank you so much !