Saturday, March 22, 2014

Q & A

Howdy folks !!

How is your weekend so far ?

I get asked a lot about how I print on my journaling cards. And other little things too. A few years back I put together a couple tutorials. If you haven't checked them out click here.

I want to put together another tutorial for you all. With this one I also want to include a walk through of how I put my week together from start to finish.

I promise that I'm getting to point of this post. Here goes.

I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you all out there if you have specific questions for me before I get started. I am getting ready to start my week 7 and thought that this is a good time as any to do another tutorial.

Now is your chance. Ask away if you have any. Leave a comment if you have a question and I will answer it/and or address it in the upcoming tutorial.

I hope to get started real soon.

Thank you all !! 


Arlene said...

Do you decide which embellishments you'll use on a journal card before typing out your journal? Your journal cards always look perfectly thought out...

Leslie Wase said...

I love how you use stamps or stickers on your journaling cards and then journal around them. I guess it's along the same question as Arlene, how do you get your journaling to fit perfectly around your embellishments? You had a few cards done this way on your week 6 page. Thanks!