Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring !!

 It's here ! It's here ! Spring is here !

It's official, spring is now upon us. Today is the first day of spring.

I am sooooo excited.

Spring flowers, warmer weather, nice evenings, pulling out the short sleeves, and even the shorts can now come out of the closet. Oh, can't forget about the first pair of new sandals. That is on the to do list for sure. Oh, here is to more BBQing !! Yummm.

Here, in our neck of the woods, it has been feeling like spring for a little while now. The past few days we have been making the switch. Slowly mind you. Switching out clothes, ect.

The first thing we (me and the kids) did was to plant some new spring flowers in the front yard. See the photo below.  There are more flowers that are not pictured as well. And I might have some plans to put some more on the other side of the front yard.

I added some lavender flowers. Always wanted some, and now I do. The first photo in this blog post is of my new lavender flowers, the bee snuck in at the last second. Can you spot him ?

I also added this gorgeous yellow bush. This just screams spring !!

Another thing that is currently happening around here is that we are working on getting the garden going. The first step is to flatten out the garden spot and then to put the garden boxes in the ground.
P is tilling up the ground, it is going to be a big job. 

The weather has been really nice lately. The other day the kids talked me into putting on the sprinkler for them. It took some convincing but I finally gave in. After all, it was 84 degrees. For the record, Noah has been begging to set up the pool ! I know, now that is just crazy. It's March for crying out loud !! Maybe if it hits 90. Then we will see.

Now, go out there and enjoy the first day of Spring !! Wherever you are. Whether it's still 35 degrees or 75. It's a day to celebrate.

We might do a picnic at the park tonight for dinner.


Michelle said...


I would love to know what the name of that yellow bush is if you know it. The yard looks great by the way!

Mindi said...


The bush is called a sweet broom shrub. I took one look at it and had to take it home. I think I need some more !! Lol.