Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monster Truck Tour Layout

Hello everyone !!

I wanted to pop in today and share a layout that I finished. We as a family have a fun thing that we like to do. Either me or Patrick will take one of the kids out by themselves for a date night/afternoon, whatever it happens to be. We have been doing this consistently since January and it seems to happen once a month or so. January just so happened to be Noah's turn.

I overheard a commercial for the Monster Truck tour that was coming in to town that weekend. I was so excited that me and Noah headed down to the ticket box that afternoon and bought 2 tickets.

Patrick and Noah headed out on Saturday night and had a wonderful time together. Noah was sooooo excited !!

Here is a look at both pages together.

Here is the first page. They just happened to take a lot of vertical photos. So I made 2 of them 6x8 and cut them up to fit into the pockets.

The title card. I wanted to stay with a neon green and orange, with a little blue thrown in, color scheme. So I chose to go with a green title. I used one of the fun doodle lines that I mentioned back in my favorite brush post. You can find them here at the lily pad.

This was a fun photo. This was were the big monster trucks would jump and crush the cars on the other side. Noah is sitting on the ground underneath.

The journaling cards for this side.

I started by stamping on the top of the first card. Adding some enamel dots and half of the arrow saying on the bottom.

The other card is from the SC kit. It was rather fitting for this layout don't you think !

Here is the other side of the layout.

This card was fun to put together. While it is rather simple,  I love the look of it with the vellum truck. I needed something that wouldn't get in the way of the tickets sticking up. As far as the truck goes, I found a free clipart truck online and printed on the vellum.

I added the tickets into an empty pocket and put a cute clip on the top to hold them in place.

The bottom photo is a panoramic shot of the "PIT" before the show began. I added some of the photo to half of the journaling card. I had Patrick send me an email with the journaling from that night that I spread around the 2 pages.

This one was really fun to do. Lots of different colors and boyish things.

Until next time.

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Shawn said...

This is such a super fun layout!!!! Great job, thanks for sharing! Especially love how you incorporated the tix stubs!