Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Project Life Week 6

Welcome to week 6.

This week I wanted to shake things up a little.

I started out with a design J page protector. It holds 3x4's and 4x4's. I included a clear tab to mark the week.

Since I didn't have a 4x6 to use as a title card I made my own. This one was once a 4x6 title card. I simply cut it down to a 3x4 size. But before I cut it down to the size I wanted, I printed the week brush and date on the card.

This photo is how I caught Noah doing his dishes chore Monday morning.

This photo was one that I shared on Instagram. I also wanted to include the journaling from my Instagram update.

For this journaling card I started out with one of the Color guide cards from the Studio Calico kit. I knew that I was not going to need them for anything else but to add them to my PL album. The color and the date was perfect. I added the FEB on there and then outlined around it. Lastly, adding my Instagram journaling to the bottom. 

Once I saw this card (from the SC kit) I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. It took me a little bit to figure out how to get it just right, but I love the end result. I knew I needed to fit the & symbol on there and the word Zumba below SPIN. The double arrow is from the DIY collection from Simple Stories. I knew I needed to cut the bottom off the card so that I could put my journaling underneath. I also outlined some of the circles with a black pen.

The other side of the Design J was used for the daddy daughter dance.

I made the journaling card that was in the middle. It is from the Jade kit. I used a banner from the SC kit and added the word Dance onto it. I also stamped the little hearts onto the card, they are also from the SC kit.

The other 2 journaling cards I had each girl pick one out and fill out. Both of them were so funny. They did it in a list style. A few funny entries were ate 10 cupcakes, danced with daddy, ate 3 more cupcakes, loved all songs, stayed so long. And they both drew pictures to go along with their lists. I am sure these will be treasured for years to come. 

Here is what the 2 pages look like together. The smaller one and then the last page.

 This is the last page, a full page Design A again. Yeah. Love it.

This photo is of Katelyn writing her essay. More on that below.

My mom sent us happy mail !! Each of us got a wonderful package. The kids were overjoyed.

I used the Happy Mail stamp from a SC kit and stamped it onto a label. 

After school Maddie wore the cat costume all day and pretended to be a pet kitty.

I added the box brush from this wonderful brush set. You can find it here. After it was printed I added half of the yellow circle, some washi tape, and the badge. 

About a month before this week took place I gave a shout out to my local facebook friends. To see if anyone wanted to come scrapbook with me, find out what PL was all about. Friday night we got together for the first time. We had a good turn out, and I was busy showing the ladies how the product worked and then they got to add in their photos. It was soooo fun that I forgot to take a photo of us in action. I snapped this photo after everyone had left for the evening.

The brush can be found here. I added the clear heart and the blue letters onto the photo.

This journaling card is from the SC kit. It talks about Katelyn wanting to write an essay about the grasslands, because that was what they were studying in school, instead of going and riding bikes with the neighbor kids. It is so typical of Katelyn right now. She loves to do research, write things down, make lists, ect.

This week had 1 to many photos that I wanted to fit in so I decided to put this one in 2 of the journaling card slots. Simply added the lunch brush and my journaling and then cut it down the middle.

This one is talking about my scrapbooking night with the ladies. To begin this one I added the label to my journaling card before I printed the word project. Again - using the digital life cards are so much fun to make my journaling cards. I used the digital card to figure out where I needed to place the word project and then printed it onto the card, where the label was. I had this wonderful "life" rub on that was perfect. Added my journaling to the bottom and I was done.

That's it for week 6. Have a great rest of your week everybody. I hope to be back before too long.

Thanks for coming !!


libbywilko said...

How fun you got a group for girlfriends round to do PL... Are you going to do it as a regular thing? Wish I had people round here that did it.

Mindi said...

Yes, it was definately fun !! We are planning on getting together once a month. I hope to keep it up because it was such fun to socialize and create with some friends.