Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project Life Week 20

I just about had week 20 finished when I started Week In The Life week and so I took some time yesterday to finish it and here it is. It was moving week and I really wish I had taken more pictures of us actually moving in.  I really regret it now. Oh well. Not a lot of pictures so I put a lot of journaling in this week.

Here is the first page :

Noah got into the sunscreen that was in the bathroom cabinet and this is the result. That look is SO HIM. So the first pictures are of him.

The third picture is of us moving the washer or dryer. So thankful to have one of the ward member come and help us move.

A closer look at the journaling card about Noah and the sunscreen.

This quote came from Ali Edwards. She used it in her PL book as well. I knew it would be perfect for this week. "PUT ON YOUR HAPPY LIFE". And that is just what we are doing.

New Home Journaling. Wanted to get the move in date.

This journaling card talks about how the week went and how unsure we were about when we could move in.

There were a few extra pages this week. Four in fact. This is the first one of me holding the set of keys to our new home.The picture is 8x8. The brush is from Ali Edwards.

I added a few things to the print and so here is a look at that.

This week was on the first times Patrick was able to out on location for his work. He was thrilled and he got a few pictures for me. They are 8.5 x 11.

And here is the other side.

Here is the second page :

Dinosaurs out on the patio of the new home.


The view from our little patio out to the backyard.

Katelyn the little reader.

The dinosaur journaling card.

Est. 2011. Just talks about moving in.

I have been saving this home card from Jenni Bowlin for a while now and so happy to use it. I mounted it on to a journaling card, added a chipboard heart and then put a bow in the center.

Katelyn the reader.

And that is the end of the week. It was a fun and stressful week. Going off to watch some UTES football now.

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